Trump, Flynn & Manafort Subjects of Sealed Indictment As a Constitutional Crisis is Upon Us


As President Trump prepares for his first overseas trip since inauguration, the trickle of leaks coming from the Intel community has turned into an outright downpour. Not only are multiple government officials indicating that former FBI Director, James Comey has refuted much of what the President has said in regards to his dinner meeting which took place in late January, but there are now multiple credible sources leaking details about a sealed grand jury indictment of the President himself.

This weekend, multiple Intel officials have reported to journalist Louise Mensch as well as former White House Staff member-turned-journalist, Claude Taylor, that there are sealed indictments out of the Eastern District of Virginia, under Dana Boente, who happens to be the former acting attorney general of the United States following Sally Yates’ firing. These indictments, according to sources, are in regards to President Donald J. Trump, along with Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and dozens of others who are further down the totem poll. According to other sources within the Intel community, before the week is over, at least 6 individuals will have arrest warrants drawn up for them. These individuals likely do not include the President himself, or even Manafort or Flynn, however, such arrests will likely lead authorities to additional evidence for them to move up the chain of command to secure additional warrants.

The sealed indictment of President Trump will only act as a failsafe way to spark impeachment proceedings, which the GOP, up until this point, has remained completely against. It is interesting to note that more than one of these sources have claimed that many GOP officials, including those within congress, may be complicit in all of this.  The President of the United States must first be impeached prior to any formal prosecution, so don’t look for the President to get arrested any time soon.

As if these revelations are not enough to get Trump and his associates’ stomachs churning, additional leaks have been unearthed by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on ‘Morning Joe’ this morning. While many within the mainstream media have strayed away from news related to these critical leaks, Scarborough decided to take the first step this morning by making quite the statement:

“They have already found the string and they are pulling on it, based on my contacts inside the FBI and they are starting to tug on that string, and they are going to keep tugging, keeping going, and it’s accelerated because of the way he fired Comey, and he knows it,” Scarborough said.

While most political pundits envision a long drawn out investigation, complicated by Comey’s firing, sources within the Intel community seem to believe that things will progress quite rapidly from here on out. Look for additional leaks as well as actual events to shed more light on Trump’s involvement and likely crimes of collusion, money laundering, racketeering, obstruction of justice and conspiracy.  President Trump is clearly aware of the impending turmoil as he has drastically instructed his communications team to pull away from the media and has become increasingly isolated within the White House, we are told.