Sources: Donald Trump Has Received a Target Letter Stating he is a ‘Target’ of a Grand Jury Investigation

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Claude Taylor (left), Donald Trump (right)

While many people suspect that Donald Trump could be a subject/target of a grand jury investigation, according to Claude Taylor, a former White House staffer for Clinton, Trump has officially been delivered a sealed target letter that informs him that he is deemed to be a target or subject of a grand jury investigation.

“The notice was hand-delivered last week,” Taylor tweeted this morning. “Source say ‘we must assume that GJ investigation may also serve as basis for impeachment’. This target letter is sealed because of the extraordinary circumstances. Target letter can also be an invite to speak with investigators.”

For those of you unfamiliar with what a target letter is, they are delivered on behalf of federal prosecutors to individuals deemed to be either subjects or targets of an investigation by a grand jury. The terms “subject” and “target” are oftentimes interchangeable, although a target means that you are specifically someone that is being looked at in a criminal investigation as being one of the players involved in a crime, whereas subjects are typically someone that is deemed to be considered somewhere between a witness and a target. Subjects of investigations are individuals whom the grand jury and prosecutors are unsure where they stand, whereas targets typically are looked at as more than likely having some criminal involvement.

Given that this appears to be a “sealed indictment”, the target letter that Trump received probably infers that the investigation has been ongoing for some time now. Normally in sealed indictments, targets are not informed of their status until the investigation is close to ending, as the prosecutors and investigators prefer to keep everything under wraps so that the investigation can move forward without targets being made aware of their status.

Keep in mind that this information is coming from an anonymous source, and it has not been corroborated with any other sources. Claude Taylor has come forward with other information in the past which has turned out to be correct, but we can’t just assume that information from an anonymous source is legitimate until it is corroborated with other sources.

  • viola

    To be honest, he doesn’t look phased one bit.

    • Tom

      Nixon didn’t look phased either the 1st year of his investigation. Then John Dean starting spilling his guts and the president starting drinking straight vodka and kneeling/praying with Kissinger in the oval office.

    • Jester

      It’s fazed, just so you know.

      • Mike Atencio

        Yes, it’s fazed – Phased is what happens to you on Star trek if you wear a red shirt. 🙂

        • Dawg

          Hopefully, Trump will be phased out as in out of favor.

    • Lauren LaVerso

      I’m sure he believes that his slick attorney’s will get him out of it.

  • Mike Atencio

    Trump knows how to create the poker face. Inside he’s freaking out. His dictatorship is on the rocks and he’s about to fall. He’ll have to terminate those plans for the fifty foot statue to be raised in the middle of the Washington DC Mall so he can view it from his soon to be vacant oval office. Unfortunately, the entire world can’t stand him so we’re stuck with his big mouth after he’s impeached. That’s a punishment for us Americans for electing him in the first place. The clock is ticking and hie’s about to fall. Sooner than later, please.

    • tea3ali

      He’s not even close to a dictator, yet. Do you know what that word means? There are still two other branches of government to keep him in check that he hasn’t been able to get dismissed.

      • Mike Atencio

        Yes, I know exactly what the word means. And those two branches you’re referring to are under the control of the Republican and Alt-Right Party which completely supports him. The Democrats can’t do anything right now.

    • Danny Crawford


  • O.D. Hansen

    Thankful of this news site for being skeptical, yet I kind of believe it. Of course Trump thinks that any investigation against him has the credibility of an IRS lawsuit robo-call. So deluded.

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  • Victoria Seeley

    My fingers have been crossed for this to happen since January!

  • Orionsangel

    The end of the Trump business.

  • Charles hammer

    republicans are useless for the average american.

  • Avain

    I’ll believe it when it’s reported by a reputable source.