7 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Trump/Russia Leaks


Throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign, election and now his presidency, Donald Trump has turned to Twitter as not only an outlet to express his thoughts and opinions on matters, but as a way to bypass the mainstream media, which he calls ‘fake news’. While many political pundits would argue that Trump’s use of Twitter has been his enemy, Trump himself sees it as a direct line of communication between the American people and his administration.

While the social media platform has allowed him to reach out to America like no other President ever has, it has also allowed those who are against him to do the same. Leaks have been a major problem within this administration, and Twitter and other social media platforms have allowed such leaks to immediately spread to millions of people throughout the planet. These leaks, often illegal, may be responsible for the administration’s ultimate downfall, and in retrospect may in fact be an important part of American history. Besides leaks, the availability of breaking news and commentary pertaining to this presidency has been an invaluable tool for all Americans.

We have decided to put together a short list of some of the more pertinent Twitter accounts one should follow if one is looking for highly relevant breaking news, leaks and commentary on the Trump administration.

Louise Mensch
Mensch is probably the most well-known leak reporter and a certain headache for the Trump administration. She has helped break several major stories related to the Trump/Russia investigation weeks prior to the mainstream media’s coverage. Mensch clearly has many sources within the US and foreign intelligence communities. If Trump is impeached, history will remember this woman as one the sparks.

Claude Taylor
Taylor is a veteran of 3 presidential campaigns and has served on the White House staff under the Clinton administration. Taylor has somewhat teamed with Mensch to help distribute leaked information to the American populace. He has numerous sources from within the intelligence community who regularly leak information to him, which he then is able to distribute over his Twitter feed. ┬áIf Mensch is the spark to Trump’s Impeachment, Taylor may be the kindling.

John Schindler
Schindler is a national security columnist at Observer.com. This man has spent over a decade as an intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer for the NSA and clearly has multiple ties to the current intelligence community. Schindler has written numerous stories based on leaks and continues to tweet information coming from a very leaky IC under President Trump.

Scott Dworkin
Dworkin has been fighting against the Trump administration via Twitter from the very beginning. As the co-founder of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, he seems to always have solid information as well as leaks on a regular basis. While he may not tweet constantly about leaks, he does provide a boatload of information which most Americans would never think to dig deep enough to obtain.

Palmer Report (Bill Palmer)
Bill Palmer is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Palmer report. Although many of the stories covered by Palmer may be sensationalized a bit, there is usually some solid material about leaks and potential leaks coming from this upstart political news organization.

Impeach Donald Trump
This account went live before President Trump was even inaugurated and is one of the most-followed anti-Trump accounts on Twitter today. While they don’t appear to communicate with leakers themselves, they pretty much aggregate all the information in one very good Twitter stream.

Kremlin Trolls
CounterIntelligence Unit Countering Russian Propaganda / Active Measures / Information Warfare.

While there are numerous other accounts out there that one could follow, these seven accounts should give you all a solid base in your drive to follow the whole Trump/Russia fiasco in a way that’s absent from the mainstream media.