Smirnoff Vodka Just Trolled Trump & Russia In This EPIC Ad


Who doesn’t want a catchy, possibly viral advertisement for their company, right? Well, Smirnoff Vodka, a brand from the British Diageo company, certainly seems to have created one, but it comes at the expense of the President of the United States and his possible collusion with Russia.

Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last six months or so, President Trump’s campaign has been under investigation by the FBI and Congress for possible collusion with a hostile foreign government, Russia. While investigators continue to dig deeper into the campaign’s connections and conversations with Russian officials, both before and after the election, The President continues to deny any such collusion by himself or those working for him. The President has recently stated that he would be willing to testify under oath to refute many of the claims former FBI director James Comey made last week about him.  Meanwhile New York Senator Chuck Schumer recently urged the President to do just that, testify under oath.

Smirnoff’s latest ad, which has appeared on multiple billboards here in the United States, has seemingly taken advantage of the current news cycle.  It reads as follows:

“Made in America. But we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.”

While the ad is certain to turn a portion of vodka drinkers off here in the United States, the British Diageo company likely has taken a look at Trump’s recent approval ratings (hovering around 35%) and felt as if the potential viral nature of such an ad would make up for any lost customers due to political reasons.

  • Mari

    Another company stupid enough to get caught up in a political statement. Doesn’t matter what side you are on, you are going to alienate about 50% of your potential buyers. SMH…

    • Angie Dimos Gonzalez

      Nope, his approval rating is at 35%, and I doubt that 35% is drinking vodka drinks

      • Mari

        Rasmussen poll says President Trump’s approval rating is 47%. Why would you think they don’t drink vodka?

        • Because they’re simpleminded redneck dimwits who live trailers and drink beer and whisky.

          The few ‘necks who drink vodka drink cheap generic vodka.

          I hope all of them die from cirrhosis.

          • Mari

            Aren’t you just a sweet and pleasant person willing to partake in an exchange of ideas with anyone who disagrees with you? BTW, up to 50% approval today. MAGA! TRUMP trumps your hate!

          • > Aren’t you just a sweet and pleasant person willing to partake in an exchange of ideas with anyone who disagrees with you?


            > BTW, up to 50% approval today.

            …says the RASMUSSEN poll. They are repiglican-owned and known far and wide to bias their results toward repiglicans.

            EVERY other poll has 2/3 of the country hating him. And his approval rating declines every week.

            You’d hate him too if you weren’t either:

            A) one of the hundreds of Russian propaganda comment trolls in St. Petersburg . They’re paid to fool stupid American country bumpkins

            B) a stupid American country bumpkin—with emphasis on the “bum.”

            > MAGA!

            Make America great? Trump has made America the laughing-stock of the entire world. He’s made everyone except hillbillies like you ashamed to be called American.

            > TRUMP trumps your hate!

            He tried to fill the government with Russian spies, got caught. Five investigations led by HIS OWN PARTY keep uncovering more slime every week.

            He will be impeached by his own party for treason just around the time that America’s disgust for him causes the House to flip to the Democrats.

            I’m sure you uneducated, simpleminded trailer garbage will think it’s a conspiracy of some kind.

            I’ll be toasting our victory(and the permanent death of the Republican party) with Smirnoff vodka.

          • Ruth C

            Reality check – 36-39% tops

    • aliceblue

      Ha, the few rich crooked tRump supporter drink more expensive stuff. The rest whatever they can get for $10/gallon, if vodka at all. More likely to prefer Harley beer.

  • Dwayne Takeda

    Trump supporters shouldn’t have any problem with their guy taking an oath to tell the truth. Right?

    • 25 for 45

      After all “it is so refreshing to have someone speak there mind, just tells us like it is”…something like that is what I remember . Remember when Trump supporters use to call people who they disagreed with “commies” and say things like if you don’t like America why don’t you go live in Russia”

    • E Perr

      An oath of any kind means nothing to Trump. He’s already broken the Oath of Office many times.

      • Juliet Delaney

        True but if he lie’s this time it’s worse for him. So please do testify under oath

    • Juliet Delaney

      No but now their pissed off because they have to find a new vodka.

  • 25 for 45

    You’re going to alienate at worst the Trump cult, you know the ones who follow Trump blindly (no where near 50%) and most of them don’t drink Smirnoff and never would, so more whiny boycotts with no actual impact

  • Love the implications. And his approval ratings as they further fall.

  • Julie King

    Love it. Will have zero impact on their actual sales, may possibly improve their brand standing.

    • No, the next time I buy vodka, I’m buying Smirnoff specifically because of this. I want to see their market share go up after this ad.

    • Juliet Delaney

      Sales will sky rocket

  • E Perr

    I’ll be buying Smirnoff exclusively until I die, just for this ad. Tremendous. Profiting from the biggest joke on the planet, Donald J. Trump.

    • Juliet Delaney


  • Juliet Delaney

    I don’t drink but a bottle of Smirnoff vodka sounds good. They should send a case to Putin and Trump with a card.