Report: Steve Bannon is Under Investigation for Obstruction & Physical Threats


We will be the first ones to add a caveat to this article, as the source of this claim comes anonymously, as reported by former White House staffer, Claude Taylor.

Taylor reported last night:

“Steve Bannon now being investigated for Obstruction. This is out of EDVA. Source says he physically threatened WH staffers.”

Of course the EDVA is an acronym for “Eastern District of Virginia”, a district where it seems a lot of Trump campaign related investigations are going on, more than likely in a grand jury setting.

While this story has not yet been reported by anyone other than Taylor, Taylor has been shown to be correct with other breaking reports in the past. While we certainly won’t claim this one to be true, it certainly makes sense from an investigative standpoint. Being that Bannon is the White House Chief Strategist, and also worked as Donald Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor during the 2016 campaign, if there is a crime to be investigated, one would think that there would exist probable cause for Bannon to have been involved in some form.

The reports that Bannon physically threatened White House staffers do not seem all that unlike other reports which we have heard about his temper in the past. Back in March, Morning Joe touched on reports that Bannon tried to intimidate the House Freedom Caucus during a meeting. Others have reported about his brutal mentality when he doesn’t getĀ things exactly the way he wants.

With Trump and Pence both hiring attorneys, it appears as though things are starting to come to a head for investigators. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has hired over a dozen high profile prosecutors to work on what appears to be a pending case against the administration. Right now it doesn’t seem as if anyone within the Trump administration might fall outside of the investigatory window.

Stay tuned!