Report: ‘Trump is Going to Prison’ – Member of Trump’s Inner Circle Tells Family

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Today, as Donald Trump seems to be in a panicked frenzy, defending acts of possible collusion, rather than denying them like he has over the course of the past several months, more and more information seems to be flowing to the forefront hinting at something huge that may be on the brink of occurring. Β One such tidbit of information came as James Comey’s confidant, Benjamin Witte, who originally leaked details of Comey’s memos hinted at something big that could be a bombshell in the Trump/Russia investigation.

Now comes an even larger bombshell, with former NSA Counterintelligence Officer, John Schindler posting a message on Twitter, that reads as follows:

“FYI ===> Trusted member of Trump’s inner circle has told family & friends that he knows both he & POTUS are going to prison. Developing … Remember when I said our Foreign Intel partners know everything about Trump? Yeah, that.”

Schindler also went on to confirm an interesting tweet made by former White House staff member, Claude Taylor, who wrote: “The intel agencies of upwards of a dozen countries have turned over to Comey/Mueller intercepts/banking records, etc. They are with us.”

Schindler, who is a columnist at the New York Observer, has spent close to 10 years with the NSA as both an intelligence analyst and a counterintelligence officer, working with issues in much of the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He is known to be an opponent of Trump as well as someone who has reported on breaking Trump/Russia news over the past several months.

The question that arises from this comment is; “Just who within Trump’s inner circle could have told his family and friends that he believes that both himself and President Trump are going to prison?” The fact that someone guilty of a crime is willing to admit he/she has broken the law to an extent that would result in prison is significant, but the fact that he too believes that the President of the United States is also guilty is quite the bombshell.

Stay tuned!

  • weelittlepeople

    I will believe it when I see it, but he surely does deserve to go to prison along with all those who backed and supported him at the expense of the country.

    • deNetherland

      just sit back and wait

    • MR2Aviator

      Prison? For what?

      • Richard Stewart

        What, you can’t read and follow along….

        • Chris LaFreniere

          Follow along what? Explain why he needs to go to prison. I haven’t seen anything on this blog about why Trump needs to go to prison. Did he commit a crime? Is there proof? If so, where is the evidence? Maybe you should learn to read and “follow along”.

          • Shannon Murphy

            Well Chris, you’re either stupid or a liar. Guess which one i think(know) you are.

          • Chris LaFreniere

            What lies? Read the text again. These are questions that no one on this page can answer. People are making accusations, stories, etc based on emotion, not facts. If you have facts that support Trump going to prison you need to contact your Congressman or the FBI immediately!

          • Dawg

            They’re already looking at the facts.

          • Mtycol

            Chris: if the article is true and a person close to Trump’s “inner-circle” believes that he and Trump are going to prison why can’t you accept it? The person making the statement knows something that obviously YOU don’t….he and Trump are guilty far beyond what we have already seen. The article also points out that 12 countries are offering their intelligence on Trump to include bank records, emails and memos. Your comments are a clear portrait of DENIAL. Trump is guilty and he knows it, we know it, and in your heart you do too. 2018

          • Chris LaFreniere

            Because the article isn’t true. John Schindler is a former NSA Intelligence analyst who was fired from the Naval War College where he formerly worked as a professor for publishing racy photographs online. He publishes columns on the New York Observer. People like him write garbage that have no factual basis. So what if 12 countries offer intelligence on Trump? It doesn’t mean there is anything incriminating. It just means they have offered intelligence. Who knows if that’s true or not? The only people who know that stuff is the FBI and the new Counsel who is investigating the Russian interference in the election. So your argument does not carry any weight. We need to see what the investigation produces and not rely on speculation, innuendo, and rumors.

          • Mtycol

            Ok….the facts: Trump requested Russian interference during the campaign when he stated, “I hope Russia can find the emails….” The day Jr. met with the Russian lawyer, Trump stated “…in a couple of days I will give a speech revealing some very disturbing information about Hillary…” You think its a coincidence that his son, campaign manager, and son-in-law were in a meeting about that very thing when Trump made that announcement? Even Assange admitted that publishing the emails was more about ‘hurting Hillary’ than being transparent. Why didn’t Assange publish any of Trump’s emails? Trump has never said he believes that Putin and Russia interfered without providing doubt by way of “…it could have been anyone” – which is true – but we know through our intelligence and that of other governments that it was in fact Russia – who btw wanted to help Trump win in hopes he would lift the Obama sanctions. Flynn told the Russian ambassador, “don’t worry about the sanctions – we will take care of that once he is installed” – and the list goes on and on. I guess some people would rather have a dictator over real democratic government. Sad and pathetic too. 2018

          • Chris LaFreniere

            Not true. Trump did not request Russian interference. He simply made a stupid statement about the Russians because it was already alleged that the Russians, through Assange/Wikileaks that they had hacked the Democrat National Convention emails. I will say this: Trump is very unconventional, he is politically naive, and he has a big mouth. And it was that statement he made which caused the Dems to accuse him of colluding with the Russians. It’s been about 8 months and there still has not been any evidence that he colluded with the Russians which has been confirmed by all the Intel agencies, and some Dems who still want him out. Trump Jr. was not in a meeting when he made that announcement. Where did you get that from? You can’t tie those together because they didn’t happen in the same timeline. Besides, Trump Jr. didn’t get anything from the meeting. Of course those emails were more about hurting HC than being transparent! That’s politics! Don’t you think Hillary would have done the same thing if she could find dirt on Trump? Assange didn’t have Trump’s email probably because he isn’t stupid enough to use the password “password”.He had the Democratic Party’s emails because it was easy to hack. There is no concrete evidence that Russia did anything other than hack the Dems emails. There is a strong suspicion by the Intelligence agencies based on historical evidence of Russia attempting to interfere with other countries elections. Ok, has Trump lifted the Obama sanctions? No. Where did you hear that Flynn say that? That is another example of fake news unless you made that up. Truth is, they don’t know exactly what he said. The most information out is that he did speak briefly about the sanctions but no evidence that he made any promises were made to lift the sanctions. And even if he did, it isn’t illegal, provided he was the National Security Advisor at the time. What’s sad and pathetic is your twisted version of the facts. Trump a dictator? How did you come to that conclusion? How about showing some respect for the office?

          • Mtycol

            Chris: Trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be president. I give respect where respect is due – which means it has to be earned – no free rides. Trump has yet to earn respect. I do respect your right to disagree, and we shall all see how this turns out in the end. Good day to you sir!

          • Pam

            Whether you collude with the Russians because you are underhanded and traitorous OR you collude with the Russians because you are a simple minded Idiot with a very low intelligence quotient and an ego the size of North America makes no difference….what’s done is done!

          • Chris LaFreniere

            Hellooooooo, I guess you didn’t understand my last post. There isn’t any evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians!

          • Rhonda

            Go back to Moscow you inbred bot

          • Dawg

            There is a list of all the crimes Trump has committed on this website? Did they miss defrauding people with his Trump U scam? He was fined for that, why didn’t he go to jail?

        • MR2Aviator

          Yeah, I can read. Can you?
          There isn’t any proof that he has done anything wrong, illegal except winning the election. You need to accept it and stop chasing conspiracy theories. Besides there is an ongoing investigation which so far has not turned up anything.

          • Sarah Deyoe

            If he wanted to clear the air, releasing his tax returns would go a long way. There is too much smoke for there not to be a fire. My loyalty is to this Country, yours should be too, which would put you at odds with most of trump’s behavior.

          • Chris LaFreniere

            Sure, I’m with that, but for the purposes of this website, I am simply saying that all the posts here say with no doubt that President Trump committed a crime and should be locked up and I am saying where is the proof that he committed any crimes? There is none, this is just a bitch site for people who hate Trump.

      • micky muxwell

        Pay Attention!

      • Carmen A G Williams

        Evidently people believe you can indict someone on hearsay.

        • Dawg

          Robert Mueller is not counseling Trump, he is prosecuting him.

          • Chris LaFreniere

            Robert Mueller is the Special Counsel to oversee the investigation into any possible ties the Trump campaign had with Russia. He is not prosecuting anybody, just investigating.

          • Nathan Winslett

            Special Counsel has the power to both investigate and prosecute… y’all need to keep up.

            ‘In the United States, a special prosecutor (or special counsel or independent counsel) is a lawyer appointed to investigate and possibly prosecute a specific legal case of potential wrongdoing for which a conflict of interest exists for the usual prosecuting authority. Other jurisdictions often have similar systems.’

          • MR2Aviator

            Understood. I am just setting the record straight. At this juncture it is in an investigative mode. If he finds something prosecutable then he will prosecute. Lets not jump the gun or state inaccuracies just because you don’t like President Trump.

          • Mtycol

            Actually Mueller does have prosecutor authority – but will not use it. In cases brought against the POTUS, the special counsel will investigate, present the findings to Congress, where it is the duty of the House to bring charges. That is why this is taking so long. With a House favorable to the president, the case has to be iron-clad tight or they would simply refuse to charge and indict. Recall how both Nunes and Chaffetz simply refused to even investigate the violations of the Emoluments Clause, the Hatch Act, and the Logan Act – all of which Trump and family violated day one. Mueller et al want to be sure that if Trump is guilty (we know he is) then the republicans won’t wiggle away on a technicality. 2018

          • Mtycol

            Dawg; you nailed it!

        • Chris LaFreniere

          Really!, Can’t believe the made up accusations on this page. It is incredulous!

      • weelittlepeople

        GUess you don’t know his history very well then

  • Ruckus
  • Danielle Ferroni

    That orange jump suit is going to clash with his hair

    • Avensol

      He doesn’t need the orange suit he uses enough fake tan as it is

      • MyNeurosurgeonSucks

        He won’t get his fake tan in prison, but the orange jumpsuit might cast a similar orange glow on his skin.

  • Not that hard to believe considering his known mafia connections, shady deals, bragging about bribes and having a ‘gang’ of lawyers to intimidate people, etc etc etc. It’s just that there’s never been the motivation to dig up all the dirt like there is now. He’s left a lot of banks holding the bag for $$millions and made a lot of enemies. There will be plenty of people eager to roll on him.

  • LebaminLA

    Our allies do not want to see the USA destroyed by trump

  • Mark Herr

    This is a must read.

    • Oh no!

      If you like fairy tales. DESPERATE!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • MikeFeldman

    Do you have to be crazy to write this unmitigated trash, or crazy to believe it, and comment as if a revelation has occurred. Or both?

    • Ian Collins

      Why are you reading it? If Ithink a site is trash I don’t go there. Your comment says more about you than it does about the article.

      • Tana

        He’s most likely a Russian troll. Putins hanging on by his fingers nails to steal our democracy and he’s pulling out all stops.

        • MikeFeldman

          Me or Putin? Our “democracy” elected the 45th president. People like you are trying to steal democracy by not accepting the will of the people.

          • MyNeurosurgeonSucks

            Repugs seem to think we are still about the election and we are not. It’s over and done and no one is trying to take the win from the Repugs. But, you put an incompetent moron in the White House who has the temperament of a spoiled 8 yr. old and something needs to be done about it. If ALL, rather than 50% of the country had bothered to get out and vote(some were prevented against their will, esp. black population) trump would never have been elected. Too many thought Clinton had it sewed up and got lazy.

        • Chris LaFreniere

          And you are most likely a martian who just landed and don’t have a clue.

          • MexicanJunkMan

            @MR2Racer:disqus Thanks for your many well thought out and really pretty calm responses so many days by now. You really have a patience I would have lost. I was STG3 and served on the Albert David, one of 3 first passive sonar ships. I write to the president every chance to offer advise: Disclose everything and be transparent: TH @WSJ. IF (note big ‘if’) the president can maga, we have to heal. And join in unity. idk if he can: I certainly want to heal our country, end our wars, back our boys and girls home. Put the public interest first. End the War on Drugs would be nice. President Trump seems to want the opposite, of me, on nearly everything. He seems so hostile to about 1/2 of us. I hope I am wrong. It would be a disaster and national calamity, for generations, if our president is run out of office. Your example of staying cool and reasoning is a good start. I am going to remember your patience and cool head. Thanks to you-Tim

          • Chris LaFreniere

            And I thank you for your words of encouragement! I am trying to be calm, but as you see from reading many of the posts the opposite is not true. If facts cannot be presented, then name calling, insults, etc. are the order of the day. Even most Democrats (and some Repub) don’t spew out this false, conspiracy crap that is on this page. I hope that the investigation into the Russian thing will be completed and resolved soon so that we can move on to the issues of unemployment, medical insurance, and tax reform. Let’s keep an open mind and see what the final results of the investigation of the campaign turn up. One thing is for sure, President Trump is partially responsible for this thing because he has a big mouth, and is neither politically correct and is politically naive. But he is the President and I will support the POTUS as long as he is not suspected or proven to commit a crime.

          • Chris LaFreniere

            Oh, btw Petty Officer, thanks for your service. Go Navy! Go Army, beat Navy!

      • MR2Aviator

        It is trash so whu are you hete?

      • MikeFeldman

        No. The article says more about the site than it says about me. It says nothing about me. But your comment that you think you know about me, says a lot about you. Namely, that you don’t know what you’re talking about, and could care less.

    • azrn

      Irony much?

  • Cynthia Walsh Uhlan

    Are people in federal prison allowed to color their hair? Just wondering…

  • Oh no!
  • MargaretEDavis

    I’m 84 please get to it I might not be around for 90 LOCK HIM UP gee sounds familiar didn’t he make that suggesting during the campaign?

    • Chris LaFreniere

      I wouldn’t hold my breath. Yeah, it was LOCK HER UP, which is what needs to be done to a person who sets up a private email account in their home and transmits classified information on it.

      • Kandy Morrow

        She was investigated for three years for the emails and nothing found. NOT like Trump for money laundering. Fake university swindle. Released classified information in the oval office not once but twice. Called foreign governments on non secure line. Released information top classified on location of our nuclear submarines. NOT to mention obstruction of justice. So take That .

        • Chris LaFreniere

          LOL!! Where do you get your information? FAKE NEWS! Trump was never accused or suspected of money laundering! LOL. Plenty was found on HC, she was not prosecuted because Comey was playing the political game and didn’t recommend prosecution even though he went on national TV and explained all the classified information she transmitted on a private unsecured server. She is still being investigated by the FBI for the uranium deal and possible illegal dealings with the Clinton Foundation. Bottom line she was given a free pass. If you knew anything about government, the POTUS can release classified information at his discretion and downgrade classified information. He did not release information on location of our nuclear subs. That is fake news. If you keep up with what’s going with legitimate media on maybe you will see that there is no evidence of Obstruction of justice. Even the Dems say that there is no evidence of obstruction of justice. Maybe you should have watched the Comey testimony to Congress! People like you spread lies and further split the nation. Why don’t you stop this and keep to the facts!

          • MyNeurosurgeonSucks

            He admitted twice on camera that he fired Comey to “try to stop the Russia thing”. How is that not Obstruction of Justice? Most of his wounds are self inflicted because he lashes out like a child, and in the process blurts out much that would be better left unsaid, for him at least. In other words, he is his own worst enemy.

          • MR2Aviator

            It’s not OofJ because the investigation doesn’t cease just because the FBI Director is fired. It is ongoing. The FBI Director can be fired by POTUS.

      • Penny Dreadful Says Resist

        Translation: I have no clue about technology or cyber security and am probably infected with malware as we speak.

      • Truck Fump

        You’re moronic.

        • Chris LaFreniere

          The facts hurt don’t they?

          • Truck Fump

            You uneducated , moronic halfwits seem to get mighty upset when I school you on these things

            Boo Hoo.


          • Truck Fump

            How far did you get in school, Jethro?.

          • Truck Fump

            Thats an absolute lie and youre dumber than shite.

            Hillary was CLEARED by the FBI while Drumpf if just at the beginning of his probe about his traitorous acts while a candiudate and now as Prez.

            Trumps ENTIRE CABINET are now using PRIVATE EMAIL kept on PRIVATE SERVERS (kept at the friggin RNC) and you dont say squat.

            Just like you dont say anything about Trump blabbing top top top secret info to our Russian enemies IN PEWRSON!

            You fools dont know or believe in anything. Youre just tribal morons who hate Hillary because those RWNJ media jerks you worship TELL YOU TO!


            How far did you get in school, Jethro?

          • Chris LaFreniere

            You need to get your facts straight. Yes the FBI investigation is still open. You also need to learn to spell. I don’t know whether his entire cabinet is using private email kept on private servers and I don’t think you know that either. I believe you just want to make up stuff and not stick to facts. In any case there is no law against using private email on private servers unless you are using it to transmit CLASSIFIED INFORMATION! But I guess that is over your head. I guess you were there when Trump was babbling top secret info to the Russians, correct? LOL, I didn’t think so. My and obviously the majority of folks best interests didn’t include crooked Hillary who is one of the most corrupt politicians in the 21st century. Remember Bengazi?, Iran, Libya, Uranium deal with the Russians? Oh, I forgot, transmitting CLASSIFIED INFORMATION on a private server! Wake up and get over it!

          • Truck Fump

            Sorry Jethro.

            Step away from your AM radio.

            Trump is likely to resign in disgrace for his treason and at least half a dozen Trumpster traitors will be serving jail time by the end of this.

            And yes, his ENTIRE cabinet are using laptops provided for them by the admin with private email kept on a server at the RNC.

            You see dimwit, Im not a brainwashed fanboy like yourself, I actually have worked in natl politics for decades.

            Youre a hypocrite and a fool and I hope you enjoy watching Trump go down half as much as i will.

          • Chris LaFreniere

            You are a liar. You didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school, nor do you have a graduate degree. Don’t try to fool people on this page. It won’t work.

          • Truck Fump

            Ooooh! My fave part!

            Your ENVY!

            Its so sweet and bitter and tasty!

            JETHRO, I WANT MORE!

            Heres a google maps link to where I live.


            30 miles from das Capital with my own private beach.

            imagine the view if I let you park your trailer down by the waterside.

            Let the jealousy, resentment and envious rage just flow through you JETHRO!


          • MR2Aviator

            Can you say Weirdo??

          • Truck Fump

            Can you spell ENVY?
            How about RESENTMENT?

          • MyNeurosurgeonSucks

            Since the election Pence and several( I don’t know about all) of his cabinet members have all been in trouble over using private servers, secret email accounts and lying about such accounts. I don’t know if any were classified but articles have appeared as various ones have been brought up on assorted charges stemming from their prior positions. Benghazi? Hello? After 11 hours of grilling Clinton wads found not guilty of any wrongdoing. Since then Repugs have even admitted the whole Benghazi story was for political use. They kept the committee open until right after the election even though it had been dormant for months.dUranium deal- The Russians were first operating under a company name that wasn’t initially known to be all Russian. Clinton could not sign off on that Uranium deal alone. Either 8 or 9 other US Officials also had to sign the deal for it to happen so she was far from alone. Wake up and get over it!

          • Chris LaFreniere

            Where do you get your information from? LOL! Really? You must be reading false news again. There hasn’t been any cabinet members in trouble over private servers. And if they were using private servers it is not illegal as long as they are not using it for classified information. Why don’t you talk to the parents of two of the people killed in Benghazi and hear what they say. Clinton outright lied to them and told them it was the result of a guy who made a video. Then she calls her daughter and tells here that it was actually a terrorist attack. It was a cover-up so that it wouldn’t negatively impact Obama’s re-election. You are naive about Clinton and her dealings with the Russians. Oh by the way, did you hear that Obama knew all along (months prior to the election) about the Russians attempts to interfere with the elections and did not report it? Guess what, he is probably going to be subpoenaed to explain why.

          • Snowf Flake

            It was McConnell who kept the Russian interference from the public. He threatened to claim it was a partisan attack on the GOP. McConnell should be held accountable.

          • Dawg

            That is complete BULLSHIT

          • MyNeurosurgeonSucks

            George W. Bush lost 22 MILLION emails, many classified. MILLIONS, not thousands. Using a private server in the White House, set up by RNC. He ignored subpoenas. If she is charged, only fair that charges be brought up on him too. Deswpite the partisan double standard. Were you OUTRAGED when this was given little to no coverage?

          • Chris LaFreniere

            FAKE NEWS!

      • You mean like Jared’s back channel communications with the Russians?

        • MR2Aviator

          Not the same thing, not illegal, has no pertinance to the previous statement about Hillary’s misuse of classified material which is illegal. Don’t understand why you even brought that up?

      • Peter Bono

        you’re rationalize everything , all of Trump suspicions , he could be guilty of a lot of things, like treason, perjury , breaking laws around Lying about a lot of thing.

      • Peter Bono

        Hillary was held to a higher standard, she apologized, she admitted a mistakes, Trump trashed her over the e-mails , got this information through Wiki, it was just a Private E-amil, very few classified documents that were benign. Colin Powell used his AOL account for personal & business. You’re very defensive of Trump, Trump seems very guilty, Lieing, Dirty, Guilty. We will see what the investigation comes up with. I think he is unfit, unqualified , Lies most of the time.

    • cad64

      Yep. Trump was projecting.

      • MyNeurosurgeonSucks

        So far he’s been guilty of most of what he accused Hillary of, pay to play, etc. Not trump so far, but Pence and a few cabinet members have been in trouble since the election for use of private servers, secret email accounts and the like. Appears “Lock her up” may change to “lock HIM up, it’s far from outlandish. Good things take time, but meanwhile he damages the country even more. Seeing his orange face constantly on tv and all over the internet, it’s hard to be patient. For someone who belittles the media so much, he gets way too much coverage. They should just boycott the White House press releases, as much crap as they get. He cries “fake news” about the outlets that expose HIS lies.

  • James “Jesus Glasses” Corbett

    No law applies, except impeachment. The Repugnacons will never do that and the Dems. can’t take the senate until 2020, and not then unless they grow some.

    • Dawg

      Actually the Dems could take the Senate in 2018.

  • pffft.

    wow. what a bunch of BS. better get the crow stewed up!

  • Nickie Kalla

    If other countries have dirt on DJT and friends I sure hope they make sure that the American people get to see it! I’m sick of all the secrecy.

  • Dawg

    Jared Kushner… His daddy has already been in prison. Trump won’t go to jail, he’ll make a deal that if he resigns no charges will be made, just like Nixon.

    • Amy Keltic

      No deal there. He can either resign or they can have his fat butt dragged out kicking and screaming, “… but Obama…but Hillary.,,but..but”

  • viola

    β€œThe intel agencies of upwards of a dozen countries have turned over to Comey/Mueller intercepts/banking records, etc. They are with us.” Trump has no control over this.

  • John Hok

    “Member of Trump’s Inner Circle”

    Who the hell believes this crap? Are people on the internet really this dumb?

    Oh wait.

  • Alyssa Vassallo

    Fake news!!