Report: ‘Trump is Going to Prison’ – Member of Trump’s Inner Circle Tells Family


Today, as Donald Trump seems to be in a panicked frenzy, defending acts of possible collusion, rather than denying them like he has over the course of the past several months, more and more information seems to be flowing to the forefront hinting at something huge that may be on the brink of occurring. ¬†One such tidbit of information came as James Comey’s confidant, Benjamin Witte, who originally leaked details of Comey’s memos hinted at something big that could be a bombshell in the Trump/Russia investigation.

Now comes an even larger bombshell, with former NSA Counterintelligence Officer, John Schindler posting a message on Twitter, that reads as follows:

“FYI ===> Trusted member of Trump’s inner circle has told family & friends that he knows both he & POTUS are going to prison. Developing … Remember when I said our Foreign Intel partners know everything about Trump? Yeah, that.”

Schindler also went on to confirm an interesting tweet made by former White House staff member, Claude Taylor, who wrote: “The intel agencies of upwards of a dozen countries have turned over to Comey/Mueller intercepts/banking records, etc. They are with us.”

Schindler, who is a columnist at the New York Observer, has spent close to 10 years with the NSA as both an intelligence analyst and a counterintelligence officer, working with issues in much of the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He is known to be an opponent of Trump as well as someone who has reported on breaking Trump/Russia news over the past several months.

The question that arises from this comment is; “Just who within Trump’s inner circle could have told his family and friends that he believes that both himself and President Trump are going to prison?” The fact that someone guilty of a crime is willing to admit he/she has broken the law to an extent that would result in prison is significant, but the fact that he too believes that the President of the United States is also guilty is quite the bombshell.

Stay tuned!