Report: Robert Mueller to Interview Joe Scarborough About Trump Threats


Finally, the week and the month have come to their conclusions. It was a month filled with more Trump turmoil, and a week featuring a lot of bickering back and forth between President Trump and MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Co-hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

Surely Trump and his team are glad the month has ended, and most of America probably feels the same. However, according to a report by former White House staffer, Claude Taylor, things might just be getting started when it comes to “Morning Joe” and Donald Trump.

In a tweet made by Taylor last night, he wrote:

“A source w/ knowledge of NBC/MSNBC legal says that Joe Scarborough has been contacted by Mueller team-it is their intention to interview him”

What could Special Counsel Robert Mueller possibly want with Joe Scarborough? It appears that even though Mueller initially was appointed to investigate possible ties between President Trump’s administration and Russia, that investigation has grown and now includes much more. Mueller apparently is looking into possible offenses such as obstruction, as well as other financial related crimes. Now, if Taylor is correct, it may even extend to possible blackmail charges.

While Claude Taylor isn’t exactly the Washington Post or Wall Street Journal, his “sources” have been correct in the past and there is plenty of reason to believe what he says. Given the¬†fact that the President of the United States may have blackmailed one of the country’s mainstream media outlets, this is certainly something that should be looked into when considering the possibility of impeachment.

  • Centaur927

    A blackmail conviction would surely get him out of the White House. Fingers crossed.

  • mmjames

    Trump clearly blackmailed Joe Scarborough & that’s a crime.

  • Karma_is_ bitch

    Everybody join force to piss Drumpf. Let him keep digging his own grave. All you need to do is call out his lies

    • Theresa Woods Calhoun

      Right, he’s self destructing

  • Wendye Kolles

    Please! Please! PLEASE! get Trump ousted ASAP!

  • If this is true it becomes part of an ever expanding investigation that keeps adding some of the brightest and best prosecutorial and investigatory minds in the nation who have left extremely lucrative careers to do right by their country. Failure is not an option to them.

  • Cher

    45 still thinks he’s above the law especially now WH. He’s sooo stupid that his threats his blackmailing is against the law. Even if he resigns & when he’s impeached they can still go after him. Even when he deletes his tweets they are out there & they aren’t going away. Thousands have been retweeted & the government has said they are keeping all of them. His tweeting will bury him.

    Everyday his insanity gets worse. He’s sooo angry he can’t bully anyone outside his office. Can’t wait to see him go down & his whole mafia family. There’ll be no business that’s for sure

  • Chump Monitor

    I’m sure this is SOP for Chump dealing with “businessmen” (and I use the term loosely) who are just as sleezy as him

  • The problem with “Impeachment” is the need to overcome the determination of the GOP to protect their best source of a large and guaranteed personal income . . over and above their salary . . . from Insurance companies who BUY their votes in order to get THE HEALTH CARE PLAN “they” want.

    • WRONG the problem with impeachment is first you have to have an impeachable offense, and you do not, second you have to have enough people in Congress who will vote for it and again, you do not. So good luck with that nonsense.

  • William Alexander

    Hopefully Scarborough is right and he has evidence. Another Republican doing his duty to country and telling the truth about Trump (even if it was late)

  • edenaus

    Mueller has made numerous threats to Trump via media leaks sources like this shit, his A team of lawyers designed to Get Trump. Proving this investigation is biased and nothing more than a politicized campaign.
    Who is investigating the investigators. This is a campaign of harassment against a sitting President.
    Is it too much to ask that this bullshit investigation be made without leaks and threats to the president. You expect Trump to sit by complacently and be silent when theres continual leaks, sources manipulating public opinion. Mueller should be questioned on his bias now and a new investigator appointed. Whatever Mueller comes out now with will be tainted given his own boastful threats.