Report: CNN Has Transcripts of Treasonous Calls Between Trump Campaign & Russia

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While President Trump has been attacking the media from the very start of his Presidency, one network has seemingly been his target more so than any other over the course of the last 3-4 weeks. President Trump, as well as some within the alt-right media, has put a bullseye right on top of CNN. Whether it’s Trump posting memes of himself violently attacking CNN, James O’Keefe posting highly edited videos of CNN employees saying that the Russian thing is nothing, or sudden Twitter trends such as #CNNBlackmail popping up, CNN certainly does seem to be unjustly getting attacked.

This morning, we may have found out the primary reason why CNN seems to be the main target of such attacks, which seem to be trying to smear them as ‘fake news”. In a series of tweets made by former Bill Clinton Staffer with close ties to the intelligence community, Claude Taylor, it appears that CNN has a boatload of dirt on Trump, his associates and Russia.  Taylor, in a series of tweets this morning, outlined just how much Senior CNN Executives know, but have yet to report on:

“I have a series of quotes from Senior CNN Executives candidly describing their Network, relationship with WH and what they know. Senior CNN Executive: ‘We have seen and have copies of transcripts of calls between Kushner, Bannon and high level Russian officials. At the least, those two committed treason, and it’s hard to believe Trump wasn’t part of it.'”

We have been working off of Taylor’s leads for months now, and he isn’t someone to just make up sources or stories. If he said he spoke with a Senior CNN Executive, and this executive said such things, then these reports are as close to factual as anyone can get.  Taylor continued his shocking tweets about CNN:

“Senior CNN Executive: ‘Trump is going to do everything he can to lift the sanctions and there might not be any way to stop him. We used to get hate mail. Now we get death threats. Hundreds a day. We get 30 calls a day from Senior White House officials screaming at us for publishing stories that are irrefutably accurate. The fake news campaign has been remarkably effective. 1/3 of America had been brainwashed, and nothing will change their minds.'”

If all these claims are true, which we feel fairly confident they are, then CNN is likely sitting on mounting evidence of Trump/Russia collusion but has yet to report on it, likely at the request of those working with Robert Mueller on the investigation.

To further back up this story, Louise Mensch, a former British MP and Journalist who seems to have strong ties to the Intelligence community, also tweeted the following this morning. “Further to [Claude Taylor’s] report on CNN, my own sources confirm that CNN has transcripts of Kushner and Bannon; WaPo has better evidence.”

While we have not been able to independently verify such claims by Taylor or Mensch, judging from the accuracy of their past leaks, it appears that the mainstream media is onto something big, and the only thing currently stopping the release of such information is the sensitively of that information considering a major investigation is still underway.

  • Otis Thecat

    you can’t spell treason without trump.

    • jabawoki dingdong

      WOW!! If only there was some sort of FACT PATTERN OR LOGIC, OR COMMON SENSE IN YOUR STATEMENT… Considering how you lack all of those in your statement, you are no different than CNN. When something comes to light that you agree with, but is unfounded, there’s no amount of feeling or emotion to make it founded. Facts aren’t interchangeable with feelings and emotion because they’re independent of thought- something you will certainly NEVER understand as long as you continue to believe only those things which you agree with, while disgracing all those things you don’t. Quit being ignorant and lazy and put some substance to your FEELINGS and EMOTIONS, like FACTS, COMMON SENSE, & LOGIC…. Or is it too late? And before you go into full liberal mode debunking things I say with how you Feel, remember the first sentence: PROVIDE FACTS. For example, when you decide to call me a name, provide with detailed facts, why you FEEL that way, not why you think it’s true. The worse way to get someone to take your side is by name calling and a demeaning character towards others. SO before you spout off with the typical liberal BS of name calling and profiling (something liberals say they’re against btw), provide truth (not emotional thinking)

      • Shelley DelCampo

        What about repubs bashing dems constantly! Why is it repubs can’t believe the news other than FOX faux news!? Listen to trump carefully when someone is guilty they will be very defensive and deter!!

        • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

          jabawoki is trying to demean someone for name calling… while supporting the name-caller-in-chief! BWAHAHA tRUMP called jabawoki an uneducated f&&ked-up dummy loser and then voted for him. Hi intellect and logic are thus highly suspect … and he are the ignorant one.

          PS: Any American who voted for tRUMP is complicit. Being they support tRUMP after all he has done, they are also treasonous. Logic and facts are all out there but MAGAts prefer the RWNJ sites that tell them what they and tRUMP want to hear.

          He is my 24 page compilation of Urls… Russian collusion and more

      • BW

        Your post sounds like you are sweating bullets on whether this report is true. Jumping on the prior poster for what he/she posted sounds a bit crazy. If indeed this report is true – we will find out eventually. You also do not have facts showing this report is false. Calm down and we will see what happens.

      • Sherri Lee

        There is plenty of evidence out there if you choose to research and find it. I’ve known for months that Trump and his cronies are criminals involved in money laundering, as well as involved in collusion with the Russians. The Steele dossier laid out much of the plot and we are now discovering that much of it is true. There’s a reason Steele got so upset that he turned it into the FBI last July – it does appear that Trump and his team had a quid pro quo with Russia. It now seems that the international Intel community, along with the US Intel community has tapes of Trump’s people offering to overturn sanctions in exchange for email hacking and 1,000 person troll farms to churn out false information against Hillary Clinton. Google the Roseneft oil deal – that $500 billion dollar deal also plays into this. Rex Tillerson negotiated this deal in 2012 but sanctions are preventing Russia from getting the oil to market. It’s why Putin took over Crimea – he needs their port to ship the oil without paying taxes on it. Google Felix Sater – he will be a major player in this as he has offered to cooperate with the Feds. He is a known criminal and money launderer and supposedly has been an FBI informant for years. Google “Russian Landromat” to see how the money laundering goes on. It’s quite clever. You might also want to google “Bank of Cyprus” as a lot of the laundering goes through this bank. Our Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, was formerly a partner in this bank. The evidence you seek is out there is you are willing to look for it.

        • Mj Tay

          True. the facts are there and most of this Russian tampering was vaguely reported, not really given front of the line by MSM, but now, slowly but surely, coming up to speed. Follow the money, the path is clear as an interstate highway.

          • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

            What? you are kidding right? I am Canadian and kept a compilation of the Russian intrusion over the past year. Are you all from Africa, because you surely can’t be Americans…and not know that since last August Intelligence was certain Russia was interfering in the election

            Here are 24 pages of URLs. Try to keep up…

          • EZ HERO

            “the path is clear as an interstate highway.”

            Well, obviously you don’t live in LA.

      • steveinglendale

        Hey dingdong – you do realize you only need to change one word in your rant and you’ve perfectly described Trump, right?

        • EZ HERO

          I noticed that too. Typical projection tactic. Transparent as the thin layer of air between it’s ears.

      • Mj Tay

        ding dong DOLT

      • rpine

        Do base your theory on how you bought everything trump ran on hook..line and sinker..only to realize you have been taken for a fool?
        I bet you still back trump..not because you think trump wasn’t lying but because you know you are that fool

        • jabawoki dingdong

          Well, first and foremost, I USE FACTS and you use emotions. That’s our biggest difference. While you say things that sound catchy, you bear the utmost invisible evidence for your suggestions.

          • rpine

            When you cut through all your nonsense you still back trump even though he has lied to you daily..that makes you a with that fact

      • Dan Houser

        Why take the administration’s apparent lies and sins as some kind of slight toward you? No one’s even blaming Republican voters for voting for a skilled liar and thief. They, and you presumably were duped, because you wanted to be duped by a person who was racist, sexist, and chauvinistic. (I tend to shy away from using ‘misogynist’ out of hand because it’s a strong word for people with strong hatreds – And I think that kind of actual HATE is rare.)

        Or, my other suggestion – given your lack of profile pic and your rhetoric seeming stilted, is that you’re a paid stooge pretending to be someone from America – to divide our citizenry by painting a side as a bunch of ignorant reactionaries. Either way – you need to chill out, and anyone taking precious time to read your nonsense shouldn’t bother.

        • jabawoki dingdong

          Id say your democratic party did good enough in dividing this country

        • etaoinshrdlu44

          He is actually a terrible liar. Like, really bad at it. Every NY’er knows this. His voters are chumps and marks. People who get played by a bad con man are not going to admit they were that gullible. They will develop a mental construct where they are in the clear. It’s human nature.

      • EZ HERO


  • Philip Turnbull

    Trump and all his cronies will all go down…Kushner and Bannon are the worse 2…and they will definitely see time behind bars

  • pintowolf

    Hang them for treason

  • JessFlagg

    Claude has been spot on with his information so I’ll trust him on this too.

    • Mkword

      That’s not entirely true. Claude has reported some stuff that didn’t pan out. However, he was eventually proven right about the Eastern District of Virginia grand jury that has been issuing subpoenas. For that alone I consider him someone to pay attention to.

      I still remain suspicious, though, about his claims concerning a sealed indictment that supposedly NY AG Eric Schneiderman has on Trump. Schneiderman had been investigating Trump University and Eric Trump and he recently hired one of Prett Bharara’s top deputies and it seems that he has turned his sights on the President … but there’s nothing to suggest he’s got a magical sealed indictment that could bring him down.

      I’ve also watched how Claude and the dozens of Junior Woodsteins on Twitter get caught up in these whirligigs of “reporting.” Soon after Claude had mentioned that “dozens of vans” were outside the EDVA courthouse being loaded up with subpoenas” to be distributed throughout Washington, there was a small report of a DoJ/FBI raid of a political action organization aligned with Republican candidates. The Junior Woodsteins immediately pounced, having found that ONE person at that company USED to work YEARS AGO at another company where MANAFORT USED to work. (They never worked at the other company together.) This was all they needed as PROOF that the Maryland firm was part of the Grand Conspiracy and a key part of the investigation against Trump. It wasn’t. It was an entirely separate case involving fraudulent PACs that prey on unsuspecting candidates — which it turns out is a *thing* in politics that the FBI has been investigating. When a few people on Twitter tried to point this out, they got shouted down.

      Again, I’ve found Taylor’s information to have panned out often enough that I take him seriously. BUT I would NEVER implicitly trust him. I always wait for verification.

      As for this story … Taylor has been making noise for over a week that the WaPo has a bombshell of a story to drop soon. That sort of prediction I take seriously because it’s got a clock attached to it. Claude knows that WE will know in 7-10 days whether or not his story is accurate. So I would assume that he’s only going to put that out there unless he’s got high confidence.

      Still, I’m somewhat skeptical about CNN having possession of recorded phone conversations between Banner, Kushner and Russian officials. I have a hard time believing they would sit on anything that explosive … even if at the request of Mueller’s team. I have a hard time believing CNN would sit on a story that big just to do “the right thing.” The WaPo? That I buy more. Though, there is the possibility that Mueller has threatened legal action if CNN releases. I can’t imagine that CNN came by those recordings completely legally.

      Either way … we’ll know one way or the other very soon.

      • JessFlagg

        Yes we’ll know. Not sure about the ‘soon’ part. CNN has been known to sit on a story when asked and that was not too long ago. Let’s just say I trust Claude is telling us the truth of what HE was told, that is to say I don’t think he embellishes the facts (like some others). The world won’t come to an end if CNN or Wapo don’t drop bombs. It’s ok as long as Mueller eventually does. 🙂

      • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

        Transcripts of recordings. And supposedly they are sitting on them because of requests not to as it may interfere with the criminal aspect of the investigation. As you said, we shall see.

  • W. Benson

    I don’t understand. If Trump has committed treason with Russia, what has Russia done wrong? Please ‘splain; I’m dense. Also, show me data (which is not equal to the “Intelligence Community” being convinced, for all of us know about CIA conviction, deception, and fairy-tales from the WMDs, Tonkin Gulf pseudo-incident, and the Bay of Pigs) that the Russian government hacked the DNC, John Podesta, or the US election. It is quite obvious that Trump is a liar, a crook and not above committing treason, and that Russia has advanced hacking (espionage) capacity and is a serious adversary, but where’s any real evidence for Russian cyber sabotage?

    • Datt Henderson

      What do you think this is? the O.J. trial? U.S. would be presently be putting itself at risk to divulge information on incidents the hacking of voting systems, especially if the they were successful.

    • TheGamgubben

      Here we go with the Russian narrative. Why just examples where the IC have made mistakes and no examples where they were right? Because you do not want the trunth, you want to defend Trump no matter what.

      • Tc Young

        The truth died with Seth Rich.
        We just want to jail Hillay, and 8 years a Muslim…
        Stick around it won’t go like the o.j. trial.
        Go watch CNN and make some memes

        • Cnakekcnwk

          Peter Smith

    • Traitor Trump

      The Russian election hacking is so huge and complex that it needs alot of time and manpower to investigate everyone and everything involved. Watergate was just a 2-bit burglary mishap and it took ~ 2 years and resulted in ~40 indictments. Investigations into treason, espionage, money/data laundering, RICO, FARA, obstruction of justice and others crimes should not be leaked otherwise the evidence & witnesses could be compromised. Patience. Mueller & team will give justice for the innocent and guilty.

    • Mkword

      Have you bothered to look? The IC has actually put out a fair amount of its non-classified information about the Russian hackers … Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear.

      Also, it’s not like this happened out of the blue. European countries have been dealing with this for years. The Russians have been using cyber warfare against our allies in Europe and it’s been widely reported. It is all the same methods.

      And … back in Dec 2015 the head of Russian cyber security announced that they had developed the capabilities of cyber warfare that he claimed were as important as when the Russians developed the atomic bomb in 1949. When Russia made their own nuclear weapon, it evened the playing field between the US and Russia. This Russian cyber security chief said that Russia had developed the equivalent of the atomic bomb in cyber warfare — that Russia now had the capabilities of being able to “even the playing field” once again. And he said they would use it in the US 2016 presidential election.

      So I’m not sure what more evidence you need to know that America was attacked … and that we suffered our first cyber Pearl Harbor.

    • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

      W T F> Russia was able to have hackers break into voting officials networks… in 39 states. Are Americans are treasonous? I am Canadian and kept these URLs because it was astounding to see tRUMP asking Russia and Wiki leaks to hack! SO foreign interference in your elections is ho hum? I am incredulous…

      • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

        This is the disinformation age…. and Russia has always used divide and conquer. Russia and tRUMP’s team were likely working in concert for Wikileak drops, dirty tricks and fake Hillary videos and more. Let the 5 investigations do their job. (But I have a feeling you will be a skeptic because “data” will not be available… just as “data” in any criminal investigation is not available to YOU… go figure…*rolls eyes*)

      • Tim Boyle

        So if your a Canadian STFU and tend to your own countries business. We don’t NEED you.

        • Amy Keltic

          Triggered snowflake?

          • Tim Boyle

            SNOWFLAKE? I am a Republican Right Winger. I eat Snowflakes for breakfast. I am the NRA and I am Americas safest place. Meantime mid your own countries affairs. ya know like paying off TERRORIST who KILL American Soldiers. I think all you Canadians who let them get away with this suck. Oh yeah and stay out of Florida this winter. We don’t want you here. The restaurants all talk about how CHEAP you people are. Can’t afford to leave a tip for service.

          • Amy Keltic

            Guess what chief, I’m a member of the NRA, too. I’m not a Canadian. And your hero, Drumpf, is the absolutely largest, snowflake there has ever been. Like, EVER!

          • Tim Boyle

            Don’t worry it is only 8 years.

          • Amy Keltic

            Your optimism is adorable.

          • Tim Boyle

            Reality Baby Reality

          • Amy Keltic


          • Tim Boyle


          • Amy Keltic

            Getting my garden shears.

  • Laugh at Imbecil Dumpf

    So, CNN and WaPo have evidence of Dumpf treason and they are not publishing bc?

    • Intrested Observer

      I believe the Robert Mueller investigation asked them not to share everything with the public just yet.

      • Tc Young

        Because you read that somewhere?

        • black ghöst

          It’s common sense, something all you Trumpers lack.

      • Linda Halverson-Hogie

        Like you know.

    • Chance_Wilder

      Because it doesn’t exist.

      • black ghöst

        Lol yeah, ok!

    • Tylsavlatar

      Ongoing investigation. They need to keep some info from getting out while they are still investigating. Investigations can take years, but I dont think we need to worry about that with Mueller and his Super Hero Justice League on the case. Wow, He has an all star cast. I love it!!!! Lol… Thank You Comey!!!!

    • Because you don’t even know the definition of treason

      • Laugh at Imbecil Dumpf

        Settle down, High School!

  • Grimcrotch

    cnn has nothing. if they did this would be the top story on every news outlet around the world. more fake news.

    • Chance_Wilder


      • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

        Still thinking you voted for a regular guy, when he is the establishment and a pretend aristocrat? And a warmonger? And a selfish jerk who doesn’t care what you think or if you die or get drafted ionto war even though he is a draft dodger? Karma can be such a bitch… and you MAGAts deserve a crapload of it.

    • John

      Keep telling yourselves that. It will help you cope when you are sucking your thumb in your safe space.

    • Old Schooler

      keep sucking the Trump Stump…

    • Wolfman

      when ever there is something about Trump & Treason, you always have a handful of gullible dipshits who actually believes every word that comes out of Trumps sewer of a mouth. let me tell you, you can believe what ever you want. but when its proven that he colluded with Russia & obstructed justice, what will be your defence then? that the world is out to get poor donnieboy & people need to stop being so unfair? i know Trump has had an unfair life. I wish my life was as unfair as Trumps, be handed the presidency by the Electoral Collage & Russia, be given millions by my daddy all the rules that applied to all other candidates didnt apply to him for some reason. its almost like the press was treating him like a special needs child who knows no better, lol

    • JessFlagg

      It’s not just CNN, Wapo has it too & if they have been asked to hold it (which HAS happened in the past) that’s why it’s not the “top story on every news outlet around the world”. Not until MUELLER says it’s ok to release.
      Like Watergate, one day nothing, next day “BOOM”… but it took almost 2 yrs.and that was considered FAST.

      • Ben Totuous

        You are correct. Unfortunately, by the time the info goes public, Trump might have us in the middle of WWIII and ass deep in recession.

        • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

          Sadly true. He could give a crap about anyone but himself and his moeny so he won’t care if he triggers destruction. He has an underground bunker… and he can go hide with his new despot friends.

    • Ben Totuous

      In the end, the most important thing is getting every treasonous shitbag in this cabal of thugs locked up. The thread is obviously still being pulled to implicate everybody with their noses in the collusion.

    • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

      There are 5 investigations Grim, and the Mueller one is criminal. They hired 3 more people with expertise in RICO financial fraud and money laundering, mob related crimes and a Russian speaker. Why would such specialized lawyers need to be hired I wonder? I am just asking being the investigation is in its infancy.

      PS: tRUMP times his distractions and calling out MSM (The CNN one was deliberate to distract as he knows CNN has something on him so he discredits) and you fell for it. Stay in touch with those investigations. tRUMP was money laundering for the mob in his casino days. You might need to find a new daddy for that daddy complex.

  • Tc Young

    Transcripts are worthless as evidence.
    Especially in the hands of a failed propaganda arm the failed commie state

    But I don’t doubt that many have been silenced by Mueller, The Clinton Crime family, and jihadi Obama.
    Your delusions are taking a toll on your mental health, go make some memes.

    • john j

      ^^^ Says the paid member of Putin’s troll farm.

      • Tc Young

        Commies only pay before they have you subjugated. It’s right there in Obama’s play book.
        You can spank your donkey for that, comrade.

        • Jim Foutz

          Sooooo many ignorant, intellectually challenged RepubliCANTS, so little time.
          Repeat after me R Y B O L O V L E V. Now, crawl back under your rock, keep drinking the KoolAid and suckling from Brietbart, Alex Jones etc.

    • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmid

      There is no islamification of North America, Mrs. Bubbles.

      Please lay off the meth and bath salts before posting.

      • Tc Young

        It’s all yours Sister! Enjoy
        Mixx it in your koolaid, if moMMy hasn’t forbid you sugar, or liquids in the basement.

      • Tc Young

        Funit that you didn’t chime in on the irelavance of this questionable news.

        • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

          keep up Tc… Here are 24 pages of URLs I compiled in the last year. beingyou only watch /listen to RWNJ pro-tRUMP fake news, you are really BEHIND!

        • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmid

          Funny that you’re living in a dream world and cannot support your head-up-the-ass claim.

    • Kevin O’connor

      Lol,you are very silly.Trump is working for the Commies,ya moron.

      • Tc Young

        Sorry did i stumble into your safe space? Trump care is going to get you all some binkys real soon. You can specify made in china, since you seem to have forgotten what communism looks like.

        • black ghöst

          Nope, you stumbled into your own word salad trap.
          In other words, you failed and then got owned for it. Boom!

    • Ben Totuous

      Says the motherfucker whose head Trump is using for a butt plug. Go fuck yourself with a porcupine you Putin loving shitstain.

      • Amy Keltic


    • Mkword

      Well “hello” Deplorable,

      There are fewer and fewer of you out there, so it’s nice to hear from you.

      It’s reassuring to see that Trump Dead-Enders are still betwixted and mesmerized by communism. All fascist states have always used communism as the big bugaboo, and it reveals that you are part of the 25% of America that remains firmly in the neo-fascist camp, having been “educated” by the GOP for decades.

      The Republicans unwittingly prepped you guys for the coming of Trump. The GOP invested years and years of implanting “facts” in your brains — so that you know without question that the media is biased and liberal — and you know without question that government (except for the military) is ineffective. They have taken advantage of your natural resentment of the *other* — of people from different religions and cultures — to reinforce your instincts that all *others* represent threats to “normal” people. And the GOP has expanded your resentments to include the poor (i.e. “the lazy”) so that you are willing to get shafted as long as the poor don’t get one damn free crumb from you, the almighty American Taxpayer. (Though they will demand that you, the almighty American Taxpayer, will fork over your hard-earned money for a military that is needlessly ten times larger than the next ten militaries *combined* (and most of those militaries are our allies).

      A couple decades of “the media is biased” propaganda has now turned into “fake news” and “the press is America’s enemy.” Quite a feat when you consider that our Founding Fathers saw the press as a crucial, necessary Fourth Branch of government that without which, democracy would be imperiled. Quite a feat when you consider that there is absolutely no proof to suggest that the media is biased. And if the media has any political leanings at all (which is a dubious theory) it would be considered “liberal” when it’s actually moderately conservative. The other brilliant accomplishment of the GOP was to get its base in believing that extremist right-wing conservatism was merely normal conservatism and that moderate centrist politicians like Obama and Clinton were rabid liberals.

      Yes, the Republicans have trained and educated their right-wing base into loyal shock troops that are so suspicious and resentful of the American government, that you guys are actually happy to have our biggest, most dangerous adversary manipulate our president and dominate and administrate American foreign policy.

      While chasing your grand dream of Making America Great Again … you have actually helped Make Russia Great Again … and that’s okay … because it keeps the GOP in power. Well, it keeps them in the appearance of power. Because the Kremlin is really calling the shots these days.

      • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

        Gaslighting, daddy complex or Dunning -Kruger affect or all of the above usually apply.

    • Your Loving Mother

      Transcripts are rarely made in realtime, which suggests that there are recordings of these conversations. Where did you get the idea to throw in ‘islamification’ and a ‘failed communist state’? These are very delusional conspiracies that you’ve just spewed onto our screens and are all indications of a paranoid mental state, fuckface.

  • GreatGrannyInGeorgia

    More liberal hype… More Fake News…

    • Randall C. Page

      Trump supporters are “PINO’s”…patriots in name only!

    • cad64

      Trumpeters have been calling CNN fake news, yet more Americans trust the news media more than the president

    • Mkword

      Fake News = News I Don’t Want To Believe

      • GreatGrannyInGeorgia

        You only wish it meant that, but so sad for you because it is truly fake news…

        • Mkword

          You have no clue what you’re talking about. You go one about “fake news” yet you blindly follow a man who lies constantly.

          You’re living in a world of lies. And you don’t even know it.

          So sad.

          Fortunately, your kind only makes up about 20-25% of the country.

          The rest are real patriots.

  • Carol Darst

    Trump and all his election campaign appears to be involved in this collusion with Russia.Trump same as said it on the campaign trail .

  • Rosalie Martella

    Unless they have Trump on tape not sure how this will bring him down?

    • Mkword

      If they have his key advisers on tape? If they have his son-in-law on tape committing treason?

      Are we to really believe Bannon, Flynn and Kushner were off doing this on their own without Trump’s knowledge?

      Even without Trump on tape … if his administration was committing treason, he is not going to be able to skate.

      • Rosalie Martella

        I wish you were right but pretty sure the Law will not see it that way need solid proof of his own involvement

    • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

      tRUMP will be the last on the list. they work outside in and the criminal one has to follow where evidence takes them. if tRUMP is guilty it will be possibly years to get to him. I was alive during Watergate but still was surprised how the arrogance, pettiness, narcissism, and paranoia of Nixon parallel tRUMP. Here is one of the shorter documentaries if you also want an answer.

  • Dee

    Ohhhh…how I’m waiting for that day, to wake up and find out that everything is either about ready to hit the fan…or has done so already. It’ll be an early Christmas. 😁

    • Unfortunately, by Christmas . . . we shall probably be aware that the feared release of Hydrates took place . . . and “Life” on the Planet shall soon be extinct for a few million years / whatever . You might want to read Guy McPherson’s blog,
      as found at the bottom of:

  • ryan karl

    seriously? you are working off Claude Taylor? He works with the #QueenOfKompromat, Louise Mensch, pushing out fake story after fake story. Louise and Claud are the infowars/Alex Jones of the left.

    • JessFlagg

      He does not work “with” Louise. He has his own sources, nothing to do with her.

  • Carmen A G Williams

    These transcripts are not admissible evidence nor could a prosecutor prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was any criminal intent or activity.

    • Ben Totuous

      You ignorant fuckwit, you have no idea the source of the transcripts. Think for once in your useless life… WHO could have acquired such transcripts? The answer is not too difficult.

  • Ben Totuous

    Everybody Trump has had in those top positions is up to their neck in collusion. And there is no coincidence about it.

    • Tc Young

      Your up to your neck in your ass.
      From pounding sand up it with your head, fuckface.

      • Ben Totuous

        How much does Treasonous Trump pay you to make a goddamn fool of yourself online? Obviously a fake name you are using. Nobody can be that fucking stupid.

        • Unfortunately, we’ve seen some very stupid people come out of the shadows during this tRump junta. And, they voted. Really stupid people voted out fear, unintelligent thinking, and racism, could it be called mind control?

        • EZ HERO

          “It is far more dangerous to come upon an ignorant man than a lion”

          A Turkish proverb

      • Tylsavlatar

        Obviously you like Trump. I have a question for you. Why? I’m not picking on you. I would just really like to know what he has done for you that you are so devoted to him. I’m asking this question of every Trump voter because I am truly interested.
        Thank you!!!

        • Eyeball_Kid

          Trumpy helps release repressed rage. It doesn’t matter where the rage is directed. Trumpy gave legitimacy to fantasies of violence. He’s still cashing in. Those who are attracted to those fantasies of violence remain devoted to Trumpy’s every sneer, his every pointed finger, his own style of rage.

          • Shelley Cummings-Giles

            He zeros in on hate as a solution to failed lives, someone to blame.

      • Brian

        someone triggered a snowflake. why you mad bro?

        • John L

          To answer Tylsavlatar’s question, this Brian is showing you the motivation: to piss off liberals is a really big part of it. To enjoy loosening your belt and use that license to be uncivil. To enjoy the liberty of not believing some of the hard facts of Nature. He did not even hear your question, cuz he was consumed with choke-slamming Ben.

          • Brian

            hmm. i seemingly left off the /s on my post. go back and read that with some sarcasm in your voice. no trump fan here. making fun by mimic. to demonstrate that 2 can play that dumb game. trumpettes are some of the thinnest skinned snowflakes around.

          • John L

            Thx for reply. I did not read the thread that carefully and took your flaming comments as a sign you wore a red jersey – my bad. I don’t believe we should coddle Trumpanzees but not needle them either. Or become like them. I wholeheartedly agree that laughing at their ‘beliefs’ is the best approach. But it’s a free country (so far, still) and I’m grateful for insight into your world.
            Where the lines get hard – there are laws, there is truth, and traitors will be found out and punished. #Resist

      • BW

        Wow, intelligent sounding post..

      • disqus_vSZmOBXdho

        Awwwww, Tc needs a hug. Come here ya big snowflake…..

        • Ben Totuous

          TC needs a big fart right in the face from somebody other than Trump.

      • Shelley Cummings-Giles

        Sorry for you. Did you know that Trump studies Hitler and copies him Do you know who Hitler was? That is who Trump wants to be. A dictator, taking our rights away, kiilled millions for one reason or another, and not only Jews. Go read a bit so you can really understand what Trump is and why he tries to influence people with such huge promises with no care about any of us. He wants to be worshipped .He is a sick,sick man who cares only for money and fame. Do some reading about him, his history of cheating, mob involvement, lying etc. Read about Hitler as well. Good luck.

    • Imzela

      Ha hah, another Left Wing Socialist LOSER drinking Maxine Water’s fool-aide.

      • Ben Totuous

        You’re just another shitbag racist who needs your all of your chicklets knocked out.

        • EZ HERO

          I think you accidentally upvoted yourself. Not good optics.

          • Ben Totuous

            I know you intentionally tooted enough crack to turn what was already a meager brain into jello.

          • EZ HERO

            Yeah, but the real crime is that somebody leaked that information to you, mr. self-upvote.

      • EZ HERO

        Do you feel more like you do now than when you posted that?

  • Yes or no, Claude Taylor, do you still believe the GW Bush “National Guard Letters” Dan Rather reported on were real?

    Tweet of the Day: CNN can track down a private citizen who created an offensive GIF meme in less than 24 hours, but to this day, they have not been able to figure out how Donna Brazile got those debate questions.

    • Ben Totuous

      Bush went AWOL. No records show he reported. Somebody died in Vietnam for that piece of shit.

      • Wrong on all counts. There were not only records but affidavits signed by commanders and fellow pilots during the 2004 political campaign, and his accuser was a documented (and well known in Texas) mental case. GW Bush even had a volunteer statement for Vietnam on file but was never called to go. On the other hand, John Fraud D-Student Kerry received 5 deferments waiting for his rich and influential handlers to land him a cushy berth in the Navy. Deferment #5 was “to study French in Paris.” Bill Clinton was a draft dodger who also benefited from influential Donk political shenanigans.

        Care to try door #2?

        • black ghöst

          Yes, you are wrong on all counts. No small feat considering all the inane shit you posted here. My my, you are trying really hard to discredit the information here with your InfoWars propaganda.

          • Point out even one factual error. I can even post links if this cite allows links (some moderators block posts with links in them).

            Are you aware that John Kerry and his “Vietnam Veterans Against the War” met in Kansas City in November 1971 and voted on a plot to assassinate half a dozen U.S. Senators who were “pro-Vietnam War?” It took them all night to finally vote the plot down. The meeting was infiltrated by the FBI (I can link to the actual FBI files; they are still online).

            Show me where I have posted anything that is not correct.

        • Ben Totuous

          Motherfucking liar. Nobody saw Baby Bush appear for the last t2 years of his ANG duty, because he didn’t. And that was after getting a cushy appointment because of daddy.

        • Ben Totuous

          Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. Look up the meaning. He used his brain as president. Baby Bush did not. As you would know if you ever put down the goddamn crack pipe.

          Dorr #2? Just another swing and miss, for you, dolt.

  • Ben Totuous

    The day Treasonous Trump is thrown out will become a national holiday.

  • MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Wednesday that Russia had nothing to do with Trump winning the 2016 presidential election, and went on to trash Hillary Clinton.

    Scarborough said that there are a thousand reasons why Hillary Clinton lost starting with her being a “terrible candidate”. Mika didn’t look amused!

    Scarborough: “We don’t think the Russians had anything to do with Donald trump winning the election.”

    “I think Hillary Clinton not going to Wisconsin and not listening to Bill Clinton, and not listening to Joe Biden, and not listening to a lot of other people who were telling her back in August. And Robby Mook deciding he’s not going to poll but instead he’s going to look at analytics…”

    “There are a thousand reasons why Hillary Clinton lost starting with Hillary Clinton being a terrible candidate.”

    • black ghöst


    • VF Sue

      That was Joe’s opinion. What’s telling in your and the GOP’s denials is how many states are choosing not to investigate their voting machines while continuing to deny they were affected.

      NO voting machines in states KNOWN to have been hacked have been opened or investigated.

      Your lack of interest is as unpatriotic as it gets, comrade… all in the name of having a republican in the WH… pathetic.

      • The abbreviated recount demanded by the Green Party candidate in just a few usually Blue states won by Trump uncovered massive voting errors and potential fraud by Democrats. Several precincts showed vote totals larger than the entire population of the county, all for Hillary Clinton.

        No evidence has been presented by any state to support a claim that the Russians hacked any voting machines, but there have been several arrests of Democrat operatives stuffing ballot boxes, including the son of a prominent Democrat lawmaker whose name escapes me at the moment. The report of another person who has been arrested for registering dead people was in the news in just the past week or so. Be the first on your block to submit proof of Russians hacking the voting machines….which are NOT even connected to the Internet or any other source that could be hacked.

  • CNN may be too busy trying to keep their folks out of prison for violating federal extortion laws as well as extortion laws in Georgia and New York to worry about creating more FAKE NEWS about Trump and Russia…but maybe they could hand over what they have on John Podesta and on the Clintons and their collusion with Russia and illegal campaign contributions.

    • black ghöst

      How much are ya getting paid by Putin?

  • Claude Taylor, why are you wasting time on this debunked FAKE NEWS when you should be scooping everyone on how Barack Obama is violating the Logan Act?

  • It’s Not Just CNN: Five Fake Trump-Russia Stories Pushed By Establishment Media


    The Associated Press, the Washington Post, and the New York Times have retracted their stories claiming all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have agreed that Russia tried to influence the 2016 election to benefit Donald Trump. That assessment was based on information collected by three [POLITICIZED] agencies – the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency – and simply published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which represents all U.S. intelligence agencies. Not all 17 intelligence agencies were involved in reaching the assessment.; only THREE .

    So the Obama holdovers created a phony report and then tried to make it appear that it was a unanimous assessment by all 17 Intelligence agencies. The COAST GUARD Intelligence agency said it had no knowledge of any attempts by Russians to influence the election and would have had NO REASON to have been included in an investigation of US ELECTIONS!!! More FAKE NEWS by the FAKE MEDIA!!!

    • PaulVerite

      My Vladi, you’ve been busy cutting, pasting and posting!

    • VF Sue

      Dude… are you getting paid to be this delusional, or do you come by it naturally?

  • The NYT thought the Logan act should have been used against Michael Flynn. Wonder what they think about it being used against former President Obama?

    Obama needs to stop sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and honor the tradition of past Presidents by disappearing from the stage for a while and shutting up.

    America has spoken, and President Trump is in charge. Your time is over, GO AWAY!

    If Obama continues to stick his nose in the middle of delicate negotiations between the USA and other nations, should he be prosecuted under the Logan Act?

    • Obama is a U.S. citizen and has every right to question his government. Trump has thrown tradition of the presidency out the window. Why do you continue to support the tRump junta? Why can’t you tell when you’re being lied to??

      • No citizen has the right to violate the Logan Act, which has been around since virtually the founding of the nation. Lied to? Did you get to keep your doctor and your health insurance plan? Me either.

        • He’s hardly violating the Logan Act. Secondly I have excellent health insurance. But what pisses me off is my brethren getting screwed over by big insurance. I have been a proponent of universal health care forever,.sorry to hear of your demise. But the real problem is tRump not Obama. Refocus.

          • The Logan Act (18 U.S.C.A. § 953 [1948]) is a single federal statute making it a crime for a citizen to confer with foreign governments against the interests of the United States. Specifically, it prohibits citizens from negotiating with other nations on behalf of the United States without authorization.

            Obama has TWICE conferred with foreign heads of state WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION to UNDERMINE Trump foreign policy and attempt to PERSUADE those heads of state NOT to agree with the Trump foreign policy. That is a TEXTBOOK violation of the Logan Act.

            Big insurance and the Democrats CREATED Obamacare. Trump had NOTHING to do with it. He campaigned on REPEALING it. Why is Obamacare imploding? Why are there only a handful of insurance companies even still involved and only a few places where you can purchase it? Why are more people uninsured today than there were when Obamacare passed? Why do the premiums continue to go up along with the deductibles and co-pays while more services are EXCLUDED? Why are the formularies for covered drugs being reduced even further, even common drugs that are not that expensive? Because OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS LIED!!!

  • Carrell M Ebert

    I wish I could believe t his, but why don’t they release the information?

    • black ghöst

      Timing is everything.

    • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

      FFS it is a criminal investigation!!! When indictments fall you will know.

  • Rainbowteacher

    Louise Mensch is pretty much discredited. Hope the other sources are good.

    • Ben Totuous

      Discredited by whom? Some fucked up right wingers with their noses up Trump’s ass?

      • Rainbowteacher

        She is a plant – started out sounding sane, then went off on wild fantasies and conspiracies. She is the “fake news” that is trying to undermine the left and the progressive message. She is a friend of Milo’s – that is not a good thing.

  • KarenSez

    Mensch is not trustworthy, but Taylor is. So this could be really something big.

  • Trump and his cronies may well be charged with Treason. However, none of that shall help us avoid the possibly “Gargantuan Size” release of Hydrates this Fall from the shallow Arctic Basin. If it happens, “as expected” . . . how do we tell our Children that they have no future . . . due the greed that so infected the whole of Humanity . . . the majority refused to listen when the “Non-Idiot” class informed them of what would HAPPEN due the non-stop ADDITION of 80+MILLION TONS of heat and EMISSIONS to our ATMOSPHERE . . each and every day!

    To a safer, saner and more caring world. To Duty.

    Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder “The Tax Refusal” (Archived)

    • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

      Methane release from frozen tundra and the Russian thawing in unusual places say you are not completely wrong but panicking never helps.

  • Llareggub

    I have a problem when any article rests it’s credibility on “a series of tweets made by former Bill Clinton Staffer” when his position was as a volunteer overseeing other volunteers (from what he’s acknowledged), as if it qualifies as something. And Louise Mensch as if that means something. I’m worried that there is a fake news gap on the left just like on the right. Or else someone is doing a good job making it look so.

  • Anne Bove

    Remember who is saying this is true. CNN ?

    • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

      Bimbette, or Russian troll… CNN and Fox are networks that have no obligation to bring you anything but infotainment. Talking Bobble heads. Buy a newspaper that hires real journalists.

      • Anne Bove

        You are calling me a Bimbette, or Russian Troll? BTW I am neither. Did you read the article? Are you Literate enough to understand what it says? Are you a Mensa Member, or just our plain old type of Idiot? Don’t insult if you have no clue what you are talking about.

  • Tim Boyle


    • Ben Totuous

      Factual News Network.

      • Tim Boyle

        UH.. You spelled FAKE wrong.

        • Ben Totuous

          Know, your head is just too far up Trump’s ass to know the difference.

          • Tim Boyle

            The TROLL awakens

          • Ben Totuous

            Eat shit, motherfucker. Anybody who still supports Trump after he has committed treason against the USA is the troll. And also a complete moron for not sniffing out his lies.

          • Tim Boyle

            I am totally shocked I cannot believe you blasted this tirade at me. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? You should be ashamed of yourself and yes you sir are the troll

          • Ben Totuous

            I don’t tolerate un-American trolls. PERIOD. So too fucking bad if you don’t like my goddamn language. The tolerance of the average true American to the terrorist antics of you and your ilk have worn thin. This is now about the very survival of out country after your treasonous hero usurped an election by colluding with Putin. You America heaters need to get the hell out. Move to Russia if you think that festering shit hole is some kind of paradise.

          • Tim Boyle

            American HEATERS? What is that? Look you and your sorry bunch LOST and LOST BIG TIME! We put up with OBOZO and Kiliary Benghazi Clinton didn’t get elected. Oh yeah what about Podesta and his ties to the RUSSIANS? Oh I know he is just another Boot Licking scumbag JUST LIKE YOU! STROKIN!!! YOU BE STROKIN!

          • Ben Totuous

            Get the fuck out of my country, feces eater.

          • ratbert2

            Exposing Clinton’s misdeeds isn’t treason. And that was Wekileaks, anyway. Clinton, DNC never disputed the accuracy, so not lies.

      • Tim Boyle

        Uh… You misspelled FAKE

  • Michael Moore

    Of course, all the Trump followers will repeatedly scream “fake news,” followed by Heil Trump.

  • jabawoki dingdong

    WOW.. And you call yourselves independent? What a croc of crap. How does it always seem to be CNN is right and Trump is wrong? The last I checked (in the real world everyday) it takes two to tango. Yet somehow it’s always Trump’s fault CNN is having terrible times… HMMMM. Sounds like click bait for the weak minded liberals who run off emotion rather than logic. Unfortunately, there are way more of them than the world needs. Our history classes in the public domain must be incredibly skewed to warrant such ignorant behavior and thought processes in the minds of our young. Didn’t anybody tell them common sense, logic and problem solving is how our country came to be? Or do they all teach that history somehow aligns with their individual beliefs and that they’re always right if they emotionally feel that way? Oh, and lets not forget about hard work: YES, hard work is the largest reason we became a great country. Look at history, and explain how the common core of our education from the beginning of our country is identical as it is today. YOU CAN’T. Doing what you want, when you want is called being lazy. You can apply that to research, truth seeking, and deciphering the diarrhea flowing out of the popular news networks. When you listen to “news” simply because it aligns with your beliefs, then not only are you being lazy, but you are also showing extreme ignorance to the truth. Unfortunately though, not only has the youth become saturated with laziness, but the folks who have diarrhea of the mouth have too. The most disturbing part is how they refuse to acknowledge it. What ever happened to looking in the mirror to find the problem? I don’t care how morally correct you THINK you are, if it’s BS, then it’s false. However, to know the difference, one must not be lazy or ignorant. Who thinks there’s still hope that people will be able to utilize logic and common sense over emotion? I for one believe it’s possible, but the window of opportunity is closing fast. These problems are only trivial if you FEEL they are. They all have important facts to look at and decipher. But again, being lazy and ignorant will NEVER solve them.

    • Ben Totuous

      You get the MORON OF THE WEEK award. You act like you try to reason out a list of ideas fresh from your asshole. But you lack the living gray matter to pull it off. Congratulations, you unctuous septic tank drinking fool.

      • jabawoki dingdong

        More name calling and catchy phrases by the left. Well done. Unfortunately for you though, I use facts and logic, not emotion. So continue spewing your hatred, while blaming others for being hateful you liberal hypocrite. Get with the program, and not the one in your brain- THE ONE THAT ACTUALLY EXISTS> It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that the likes and stories of CNN and NYT, groups like your who run on those have no clue what is really going on, and instead jump on the bandwagon of typical liberal biasing and name calling.

        • Ben Totuous

          You must be on crack. Nobody could be as stupid otherwise. Accuse me of shit? Trump is busy sabotaging the world and you give him a free pass. Go fuck yourself.

  • jabawoki dingdong

    Since all the liberal media fails to remind us, let me remind al of us… REMEMBER WHEN THEY SAID 17 INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES HAD PROOF TRUMP COLLUDED WITH THE RUSSIANS? That was the theme of the left, and is now completely unfounded. After TONS of our tax dollars being wasted on public hearings involving classified information (adam schiffs brilliant brain child– DUH!!), it has now been debunked over and over again by EVERY LEADER OF SAID INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES.. The ONLY people who are continuing this nonsense are those who don’t WANT to believe the facts, albeit right out of the horses mouth in both public and private hearings.. You have top be a special kind of stupid to justify an illegal spying campaign with fallacy and make believe… But here the Democrats are, doing just that. The saddest part is how many Americans still believe them. It’s like they refuse to listen to the testimony proving the whole thing a sham, and would much rather take the emotion-bait of the liberal news outlets who, not only refuse to accept the facts, but continue as if they were never said- SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY DISAGREE. That’s the thinking of a dictatorship, not a democracy. And furthermore, the idea of a free press is to publish RELEVANT FACTUAL INFORMATION without persecution, not the freedom to say whatever you want whenever you want, simply to justify what YOU consider news, yet lacks all pertinent information proving so. Remember liberals, the truth will set you free, regardless of what your history teacher offers you…

    • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

      There are 17 intelligence agencies but only 4 are significant. NSA, HS, CIA, FBI… nothing has been debunked other than saying all agencies. I have to laugh that you MAGAts denigrate the press and refuse to watch or listen to MSM… then dare to speak as you do! You ignoramuses are in for a shock as the free press will be the downfall of tRUMP and his team.

      FOX is the original fake news. Drudge and Breitbart etal are BLOGS, not journalism. tRUMP and you idiots are projecting as usual.

  • TJ Hallon

    Liars, race baiters, bullies, fake news. If you had something, we would have seen it long ago. You don’t have shit!

    • Ben Totuous

      You have proven yourself to be stupid. Now you can STFU.

      • Really? Refute my points. You have shown yourself to be a foul-mouthed bully and probably an “Antifa” member or at least wannabe. You are a typical closed-minded and immature Leftist. How is your side doing to persuade law-abiding U.S. citizens to join your cause by bullying, beating them up, cursing them, and destroying their property while trying to deny them the victory they achieved at the ballot box as well as denying them an equal place in the marketplace of ideas?

        • Ben Totuous

          Bullying? Treasonous Trump is the bully. And he has shut Democrats out of the Senate healthcare meetings. Which is exactly why he will get no support from them. The weasel is a menace to the future of the USA.

          • Chuck Schumer has told his caucus NOT to attend any meetings with the White House, so blame HIM.

            Schumer is the one being photographed admiring Putin; Trump SCOWLS at him.


            Trump has been bullying the bullies who don’t know when to quit, but he didn’t break a federal extortion law and two state extortion law threatening to out a 15 year old LGBT kid just for creating a GIF like the Gestapo at CNN did!!!

          • Ben Totuous

            Ok, I understand now. You are a crack addict. Total inability to comprehend fuck all. Pathetic.

          • No, those are the requirements to be a Democrat. I didn’t support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, either; I am sane and have a strong desire to see the return of the rule of law and the restoration of representative government now that the Obama crime family regime has ended.

          • Tim Boyle

            Look at the BRIGHT SIDE! It’s ONLY 8 YEARS! With any Luck you will have a Stroke over what he does in the next few years. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! TRUMP 2020

          • Ben Totuous

            For openers, Trump will not be on the 2020 ballot, even if he is not deposed, resigned or impeached prior to that. An approval rating in the low 39s does that… The American people will not stand for 4 years of him cornholing them. If he lasts until 2020, you will be looking at a Congress of about 300 Democrats. These are bad times for America, but the death of the RepubliFascist Party is on the near horizon. Only then will Trump have accomplished something positive for America.

          • Tim Boyle

            BHAAAAA HAAAAAAA.. OMG! Totally Delusional! You sufferer from Trump Derangement Disorder. I love seeing Liberal Loons such as yourself getting all bent out of shape. Trump will go down as one of the Greatest Presidents in history. 39% oh like the polls that had him losing to KILLIARY? Yeah the FAKE NEWS NETWORK polls. Those popularity polls? That is what you are hanging your twisted head on? Yeah I am sooooooo loving this, seeing you guys go nuts one after the other.

          • Ben Totuous

            The greatest GRIFTER and CON MAN ever. His final chapter will be about life in federal prison.

          • Tim Boyle


          • Ben Totuous

            Mueller has hired at least a dozen prosecutors. Care to guess why?

          • Ben Totuous

            Trump is going to prison. The ultimate payback for cornholing people his entire life.

          • Tim Boyle

            8 YEARS… He will never go to Prison. He hasn’t committed a crime. He will just drive nut jobs like you crazy for the next 8 Years. #MAGA

          • I saw a great graphic, maybe on Reddit, that shows Donald Trump holding an ice cream cone with two scoops of ice cream with the caption:

            Two scoops, two sexes, two terms….live with it.

          • If he goes to prison, it will only be to visit Hillary and all of the Obama criminals about to face prosecution.

          • Ben Totuous

            That would be the final fall of this country into being the new nazi Germany. Prosecution of the innocents by the gestapo. The people will not stand for it.

          • That was common practice under the Obama Crime regime. The criminals are no longer under the protection they had when they abused their public offices and will be held accountable for their abuses of power and outright crimes. Up first is Loretta Lynch.

    • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect
      • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

        Emails again? GAHHHH!

        The most important takeaway from this should be that NONE of the 33k emails were properly marked and that NONE were marked as classified.

        Comey reported: From 33k emails, three were found to have a small “(C)” for confidential within the documents, and *not* in the heading where it SHOULD have been. Comey agreed
        it was reasonable for HRC to have missed the marking.

        In short: 110 of the emails were LATER considered classified. (up-classified
        after the fact, not went sent) HOWEVER

        – 107 of the 110 were NOT marked at all

        – 3 of the 110were marked *improperly*

        – 2 of the 3 marked improperly were later designated by the State Department as errors. That left one that was later deemed classified, but it turned out to be a discussion of a NYT story that came out FOUR (4) days before.

        NYT story that was on an email sent to HRC that was later
        deemed classified and was in several chains and used to cherry pick in hearings:

        • Ben Totuous

          You are 100% accurate. Great job. Few pay enough attention to get it right.

      • Destruction of evidence in an FBI investigation is a FELONY. Even though “Bonnie and Clyde” Clinton and their mob knew the corrupt Obama FBI would never charge them, they still had to destroy all evidence of crime and treason in case Congress or a future President decided to enforce the law and prosecute her.

  • CNN is reporting concrete, indisputable proof of Trump ties in Russia….they have a photo of Putin wearing a very attractive black one with tiny white rectangles and the Donald J Trump (copyright) logo on the inside.

    • Kittyspurr imperfectly purfect

      If you really are a pilot I would not put your MAGAt face out to the public… as TRUST is important.

      • Stated like a good little Fascist hypocrite. Do you also wear a black mask and destroy property and beat up old ladies who try to attend Town Hall meetings if the speaker is a Conservative? Hard to believe so many like me have died fighting for freedom to allow someone like YOU to be free to attack others who refuse to submit to your brand of ANARCHY.

  • Ben Totuous

    I am getting fed up here. The goddamn lying is going to stop. And if you are praising Trump, you are lying. You will see another dismal job report tomorrow. All his healthcare games are leading to layoffs in that segment, which has been among the strongest in job growth for years. Meanwhile, the only growing sector is pollution.

  • Caught on open mike, Obama tells Medvedev he needs ‘space’ on missile defense…then sells out US and Ukraine after being reelected. [Washington Post, not right-wing rag]

  • Verity Scrive

    Trusting Louise Mensch is a crap shoot. Rupert Murdoch signs her paychecks. She has actively participated in doxxing those who disagree or criticize her; many of her “reports” are embellished OR copied from legit sources SHE takes credit for. Members of Intel Community have condemned her ( see Malcolm Nance) as a confederate for folks like Murdoch & Mercers. Blindly taking her say-so for something puts your credibility at risk. Please thoroughly research her history, not just her Tweets. Claude Taylor seems far more reputable but his close association with her puts him at risk,too. Takeaway message: all is just not as it seems. Caveat Emptor. Hoping CNN does have a heap o’ trash on POTUS but Mensch is not a reliable resource for that data; too many other credible folks out there you can source.

  • Ben Totuous

    It has now been confirmed Trump gave Putin a blowjob at their G20 meeting. Not surprising given the man crush we have witnessed. Our nation is embarrassed yet again by Trump.

    • ramrod

      You sound like a very smart soul.I hope you write a book soon.We need more like you to bring this country back to its roots.Please keep up the positive thinking,you would go far in the UN,

      • Ben Totuous

        Actually, I am currently writing a book. You can catch my blog in the meantime.

    • ramrod

      Would you like to join the KKK? Were you in the military?

      • Ben Totuous

        There is not a klan bone in my body. I served in Nam.

  • jpfoursc

    Sorry, but you forfeit credibility when you start throwing Louise Mensch’s name around. And please, ties to IC? Schindler is her “tie” to the IC and he’s hardly without his baggage. If CNN had ANYTHING of this nature on trump, why would they be sitting on it???? It is absolutely absurd to think they’d have a smoking gun as described and elect to hold it back… i don’t care how sensitive it’s alleged to be, this is trump and CNN we are talking about here.

  • James M. Vandeventer

    LOVE THAT IT’S GETTING EXPOSED! I’ve been a GOP most of my life but after Bush, I went DEM & VOTED 4 OBAMA! ONLY BC OF HIS BACKGROUND!

  • JameSon

    Bottom line…CNN is far more trustworthy than anything that comes out of 45’s mouth (or tweeting fingers).