REPORT: Two Media Outlets Soon to Drop Mega-Bombshell on Trump

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“You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Sure, it’s a song from the 1974 album by Bachman–Turner Overdrive, but it’s also now a catch phrase that is appropriate for what we will reportedly see from two mainstream media outlets very soon, in regards to the Trump/Russia investigation.

According to two sources, what we have seen so far in terms of evidence of a conspiracy in Trump/Russia, pales in comparison to what we are about to see very soon.

Yesterday evening, former White House staffer, Claude Taylor tweeted:

“Yes-WaPo story is (according to sources) irrefutable evidence of Trump’s personal involvement in the conspiracy.”

While Taylor, as a source, has been very trustworthy thus far, a perhaps more trusted source is corroborating the report. Dr. Dena Grayson, the spouse of Congressman Alan Grayson responded with the following in relation to Taylor’s story:

“My sources confirm Claude’s WaPo story,” Grayson tweeted. “Plus *another* major MSM outlet (not CNN) has Trump on TAPE 👉”damning”‼️ Per source, MSM outlet is “coordinating w/Mueller”. I don’t know *exact* timing, but VERY likely less than 2 weeks. Again, my sources have NOT commented on timing. In general, they’d hold for a few weeks at most…”

It has previously been reported by the Washington Post that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has asked them to hold back a story that they wanted to run, in order for the investigation to go on uninhibited. It appears as though a second mainstream media (MSM) outlet now has tapes of some sort (according to Grayson), which will be very damaging to Trump’s act of innocence in the matter.

It will be interesting to see if President Trump begins to attack the Washington Post in the coming days leading up to the release of this alleged information and/or tapes.

  • Martin Heldt

    Nice of Mike Pence to share this information with the media

    • JJMO

      LOL! I too had been thinking how, um, let’s say, interesting(!) it would be if some of these inside leaks were coming from Pence and/or his associates. After all, he wants to be President very badly otherwise he would have never jumped on board the Trump train.

      • highcourt

        it’s said.. Trumpo’s unsecured android phone has been hacked.. he’s caught on t ape.. talking collusion/treason.. laundering dirty money & much more

        • MyNeurosurgeonSucks

          his old phone they told him not to use anymore? The idiot! Would be funny if he incriminated himself solely by being bullheaded and tweeting on his old phone. He probably thought the one they gave him was “wire tapped”. I’m still reeling that he actually believed simply firing Comey would end an investigation. And he’s in charge? I was already scared.

          • Ben Totuous

            Remember the days when we thought George Dumbya was the biggest idiot we would ever see masquerading as prez?

          • purple_tiger

            Good old days, hah!

          • Ben Totuous

            I almost wrote that. Then I recalled the war of lies in Iraq and the damn near depression.

          • MexicanJunkMan

            yes. W lied us to war. He gave the corporations the tax holiday in ’05. He made the BK much harder for the poor. (Mr. Trump did fine with BKs) Lets not forget TARP for 3/4 $T. (Doing a hellava job Brownie. !! -No one anticipated the breaching of the levies. Except at the briefing the week before) But, darn it: “Rusia Military Intelligence” hacking our elections?: Either he is in on it or permitting it to happen without comment. President Trump is a world away from W. The worst is still ahead of us, brother.

          • Ben Totuous

            Agreed. Trump is hell-bent on destroying the country. Dumbya was just a moron and it happened on its own, with some help from Cheney too.

          • MexicanJunkMan

            Was it just because he didn’t have Twitter? W really thought the War would be quick: “Mission Accomplished” in ’03 wasn’t it?

          • Ben Totuous

            Yes. That was May 1, 2003.

          • Vince Maurer

            He didn’t fire Comey to end an investigation maybe you ought to do a little research before you start making stupid comments

          • LauraR
          • Glen Steen

            I’ve done lots of research. Conclusion: He fired Comey to stop the Trump/Russia link. His narcissism won’t allow him to be the illegitimate president. Comey would have done that and now Mueller will!

          • Bill Dickens

            Horseshit except if it would advance Comey… he is a snake and trump knew it and could not get a reading on Comey.
            Look at that failing false pride.

          • JAC

            Yes he did you idiot said so himself.

          • Monique Mellon

            He told the whole damn world in the Lester Holt interview, then told the F’ing Russians less than a week later, (who very nicely repeated it, TY) His ego wouldn’t let him keep his mouth shut..that’s why he’s in such trouble

          • CherMoe

            LMAO. He’s been his own worst enemy forever.

      • Christina Messina

        I would like to see Pence, better yet every last one of the crooked bunch evicted from the WH. Pence is in on this Russia thing too. I believe McConnell and Ryan are to. They are trying to pass this hC bill rapidly to get it to tne WH to be signed before the bridge falls. Sessions is really involved and this racist biggett will be put in jail first. When the poop hits the fan Trump will turn all of them in. He will not go down alone. I think a new election should take place with new candidates vetted thoroughly befo re they are nominated.

        • Vince Maurer

          at least they’re not trying to push it down everybody’s throat and saying vote it in and you can read it later. that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard someone say

          • Original Critic

            you must not listen to yourself then

          • A Gunless Patriot

            “But Hillary . . .”, “But Obama . . .” is NOT a defense as to what Trump and his cronies are doing.

          • Scott

            Wait, they’re, uh, not?

        • Eyeball_Kid

          You’re correct. The entire GOP hierarchy will be indicted on RICO charges. That’s the ONLY way Mueller can go with this. He knows that the GOP conspired to launder Russian money into their 2016 campaigns. He has a recording of Paul Ryan discussing the matter with Kislyak (Remember that Kislyak’s phone was tapped and hot-miked by the NSA.).

          • rdwybldr

            once him and his family are out then RICO will come into play and all their ill gotten gains will be gone

        • MexicanJunkMan

          Yes!! Good to hear that!! New Elections Now. other countries do elections in a few weeks, why not us? Each state has electors do they not? Wow!! Hehehe. Could be great!!

      • CherMoe

        That’s quite an interesting thought. But I think he’s been caught up in this since before the election, so I think at some point Mr. Mueller will be taking him down, as well.

      • Glen Steen
        • King Richard


        • MexicanJunkMan

          This is my fear!! If -under any circumstance- Pence is president. He is ALEC and will continue prohibition and the war on Black People aka drugs. I do think I prefer President Trump as a effective lame duck???—- Please don’t make me think of a president Ryan. or Hatch—– please don’t!! hahaha

          • Christina Messina

            A new election is the only fair way to accomadate the American People. Especially the majority who voted against Trump. Now he is spending our taxes for a stupid voting commission. I have already remove my name from the voter registration roster. I do not want Trump to have any of my information. He will sell them to Russia!

    • highcourt

      he’s also under investigation as he too have russian ties

      • Wylieguy

        A pious man from Indiana is interesting to Russians for his homophobia.

    • Michael Nanhu

      Or maybe Hope Hicks. Yeah, she’s still around but you don’t hear from her and she is never tied up in a scandal.

    • Eyeball_Kid

      Pence knowingly allowed a paid foreign agent (Flynn) access to top secret material. Pence will be indicted on that charge and will also be a defendant in RICO charges. Mueller will scalp the miserable asshole.

  • Fillin O’kane

    Finally starting to see some fire.

  • Annie


    • Terrapin


  • cansammi

    Following the last year of spoonfeeding the American Public, with timed leaks, the pot is boiling over and can no longer, contain the vast, extensive, depth of deceit, that, this treacherous activity, is founded on. If Trumpie was smart, he and his cohorts, would have resigned and quietly went away, but… E.G.O;s, will not allow that………… face the music…

    • Bill Dickens

      Trumpski please!

  • Ben Totuous

    Lock Trump up before he incites WWIII in a desperate attempt to call off the dogs.

    • Michael Nanhu

      Congress won’t permit it. Well… the reps mostly enable Trump so I don’t know. What I do know for sure is the next administration is going to be look on favorably because you can only go up from here.

    • Bill Dickens

      I think that you are right Ben. He needs a war just now to obfuscate everything.

    • MexicanJunkMan

      yes, but he works for Rusia? Our military won’t support war with Iran or NK. Where do you think he is most likely to attack? The NeoCons wanted Ukraine, not give to Rusia?- I grant you he is at work. Where would Bannon strike?

  • Wylieguy

    Mike Pence is a guy to watch closely. His agenda is even more dangerous than Trump’s stupid entourage.

  • granny

    Interesting times we live in!

    • Bill Dickens

      Far too interesting granny, well beyond the Challenger disaster, the wiggling thong dangled in front of Bill that had the Attorney Star Investigating Bill’s penis, and the insane war against Iraq by W, and this outstrips all of these horrible inverted Republican machinations combined and magnified by a factor of 100!

      So much for the Republican insanity!


  • sickofthedisciples

    Trump about the Russian hacking months ago, “no it gives me no pause. If they (the Russians) have them, they have them. Also saying he would like to see them. That fuqer knew.

  • GD Jasuja

    Guess Trump & family being given free run to tell as many lies as they can before catching them off guard. The end game plan seems to be ready, already.

  • America . . . its time to speak up . . . .

  • Jeremy Wren

    Ummmm…If they could go ahead a release that so we can get someone sane in the WH again…. that’d be great…. 🙂

  • Mary Crivello Milburn

    Off subject, but check your advertisers , one is claiming Obama crimes , may be link to mal ware site

    • Tim MacPherson

      Yes. Obama crimes and really hot Russian Women dating cites.

      Someone is being trolled here (LOL). It’s either us or itself.

      • MexicanJunkMan

        Is it legal for me to date Natalia, the Russian lawyer? I don’t see her profile so far …hehehe

  • Mike Ogulnick

    I mean no disrespect with this question. I simply don’t know. How reputable is Independent Reporter? I hope this article is correct. The sooner Trump goes down in flames the better. I loathe him and his entire family.

    • Tim MacPherson

      I have the same question and sentiment myself. In the end, look at the person’s whose tweets are in the article, their associations (both Dems with at least some relevant connections) and wait to see if this article’s prediction comes to pass.

      There’s a lot of stuff on this site that you want to be true, but can’t be sure. I’m sure there’s some wishful thinking going on here. In the end, i’ll keep checking back to this site and over time they’ll either prove to be reliable or not. It doesn’t take long making bold predictions like in this article to lose all credibility if none of these stories prove to be true. There’s at least 5 stories like this on’s first two pages. So we’ll get to check their reliability in due time.

      All that said, I am pretty sure there is more damning info already in the hands of the press, Mueller and (certainly) any number of patriots within the intelligence community.

      I have little doubt but that Trump will be removed from Office. While Mueller continues to build a case, the Media will continue leaking stuff they likely already have. Commentators and even Senators with an (R) next to their name have said as much.

      • MexicanJunkMan

        the best indication: your accurate assessment? sens Mike Lee joined with Jerry Moran to kill Trump bill. Jerry Moran? Kansas Jr Senator, reelected in 16, in a state that hasn’t elected a D senator since like …1932? Where did he even come from? he was on no one’s radar to oppose. President Trump is in severe political predicament.

  • PaulVerite

    Will be glad when the really damning evidence becomes public before Trump tries to remove Mueller under false pretenses. I wonder if they have pee pee tapes? Lol!

  • trump4prison

    trumpcrimefamily must be stopped

  • ohmama

    I’m waiting for the money-laundering links to the Russian mob to come out, tied to Trump real estate and the Trump family.

    • MexicanJunkMan

      -sigh- I don’t think that will ever come out. Why? Trump may be a CIA asset in play. They skimmed his proceeds for black bag funding.??.

  • Virginia Liberal

    This could be very interesting. Looking for some good news.

  • ViewerMale

    This website is fake.

  • Christina Messina

    Now Trump is questioning if he can pardon himself his family and friends. This would surely be wrong and the American people will not stand for his corruption! He is guilty as sin. Asking abput pardons shows his guilt. What a ass. Unfot to serve. Article 25 on 45 And Repeal and Replace Trump Now. He is a sinner I say a Sinner!