REPORT: Two Media Outlets Soon to Drop Mega-Bombshell on Trump


“You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Sure, it’s a song from the 1974 album by Bachman–Turner Overdrive, but it’s also now a catch phrase that is appropriate for what we will reportedly see from two mainstream media outlets very soon, in regards to the Trump/Russia investigation.

According to two sources, what we have seen so far in terms of evidence of a conspiracy in Trump/Russia, pales in comparison to what we are about to see very soon.

Yesterday evening, former White House staffer, Claude Taylor tweeted:

“Yes-WaPo story is (according to sources) irrefutable evidence of Trump’s personal involvement in the conspiracy.”

While Taylor, as a source, has been very trustworthy thus far, a perhaps more trusted source is corroborating the report. Dr. Dena Grayson, the spouse of Congressman Alan Grayson responded with the following in relation to Taylor’s story:

“My sources confirm Claude’s WaPo story,” Grayson tweeted. “Plus *another* major MSM outlet (not CNN) has Trump on TAPE 👉”damning”‼️ Per source, MSM outlet is “coordinating w/Mueller”. I don’t know *exact* timing, but VERY likely less than 2 weeks. Again, my sources have NOT commented on timing. In general, they’d hold for a few weeks at most…”

It has previously been reported by the Washington Post that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has asked them to hold back a story that they wanted to run, in order for the investigation to go on uninhibited. It appears as though a second mainstream media (MSM) outlet now has tapes of some sort (according to Grayson), which will be very damaging to Trump’s act of innocence in the matter.

It will be interesting to see if President Trump begins to attack the Washington Post in the coming days leading up to the release of this alleged information and/or tapes.