Frightening Quote From Intel Community Shows How Serious Trump/Russia Is


As the Robert Mueller investigation into the possible collusion between the Tramp campaign and the Russian government rapidly moves forward, there seems to be more questions than answers popping up as new details are meticulously leaked by both the intelligence community as well as those within the White House itself.

There is little doubt that those within the various intelligence agencies in the United States are ahead of the curve,  privy to much more information than we, as ordinary citizens, are. While the President has seemingly done everything in his power to belittle and demean those within these agencies, those working behind the scenes to protect American interests may eventually get the last laugh.

Today, in a mid-morning tweet by former White House staff member, Claude Taylor, we may have just found out how seriously the intelligence communities within this country are taking the possibility, or even likelihood, that the current President has, and may continue to be, colluding with a hostile foreign power.

“Direct quote from member of IC [intel community] ‘Many of us consider Trump to be the greatest threat to our national security since the end of the Cold War.'” Taylor tweeted.

While Taylor didn’t back up his tweet with an actual named source, which clearly would put this man’s job and perhaps even life in jeopardy, Taylor has proven to have at least some connections within the intelligence communities in the past.

If this quote is an actual statement from someone privy to classified information related to the Trump/Russia investigation, the words are just about as damning to the country as one could come up with. Considering the fact that since the Cold War, a terrorist organization killed thousands of Americans on our own soil, let’s just pray that if these words describe the current situation accurately, then Robert Mueller better hurry the hell up.