REPORT: NY State is Investigating Trump Modeling Agency


As we all know, Donald Trump has run many businesses over the past several decades, so for anyone in charge of investigating any potentially illegal business dealings, there is plenty to siphon through. As has been reported in the past, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking at many of the Trump Organization’s business deals over the years, as part of his attempt to figure out if the 45th President of the United States may have been involved with any illegal activity.

The latest report from former White House staffer, and veteran of three presidential campaigns, Claude Taylor, shows that not only is Mueller investigating Trump, but the State of New York is as well. Taylor’s sources, while anonymous, have been surprisingly accurate over the past few months, and this time they have informed him that Trump Model Management, a Trump-owned modeling agency, is now under investigation.

Yesterday afternoon, Taylor tweeted: “There are a number of investigations being coordinated by NYAG Schneiderman office under both the Financial Crimes Bureau and the Organized Crime Task Force. According to my source one of the more intriguing ones is an [investigation] into the Trump Modeling Agency.”

It is unknown what this investigation could entail, but Taylor did follow up these tweets with additional information this morning, which read:
“‘Enterprise Corruption’ you’ll be hearing this term a lot. It refers to NY state’s version of the RICO statutes. #Schneidermanscoming. Keep in mind Preet Bharara was building a strong case against Trump on money laundering & financial crimes. Schneiderman has all his files.”

“Enterprise Corruption” is a charge that involves organized crime, and for those unfamiliar with Schneiderman, he is the current Attorney General for the state of New York. If there was an ongoing investigation into Trump’s modeling agency or other businesses, at the time Trump fired Preet Bharara, then like Taylor mentioned, there is a good chance that Scneiderman is now the individual responsible for continuing the investigation.

As for the Trump Model Management business, back in August of 2016 several former models alleged that they were working for the agency without the company ever obtaining legal work visas for them. Then in April of this year, it was announced that the agency would be shut down, although it still remains active today. As for the investigation, we assume they could be looking into possible financial ties to Russia or potential mechanisms the business used for money laundering, but as of right now these are just wild guesses.

Additionally, Taylor’s source explained to him, “I am aware of at least one sealed indictment targeting multiple Trump Organization Principals”.

Regardless of what ends up happening, it will be very interesting to see where these alleged investigations go, and what, if anything comes of them and President Trump.