REPORT: NY Investigations into Trump Include Over 100 Targets


Just two days ago, we published a report claiming that President Trump’s Modeling Agency is under investigation by the State of New York. The report came from former White House staffer, and veteran of three presidential campaigns, Claude Taylor — a man who seemingly has a lot of connections to those within the intelligence community and government. While Taylor’s sources remained anonymous, he has a proven track record of being quite accurate.

This morning, Taylor reported on some additional tidbits of news coming out of New York, in relation to NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s ongoing investigations.

“Schneiderman source says that there’s currently over 100 ‘targets’ of his 3 overlapping investigations. Indictments likely near year’s end.”

If you didn’t read our other article, Taylor’s previous tweet a couple of days ago read: “There are a number of investigations being coordinated by NYAG Schneiderman office under both the Financial Crimes Bureau and the Organized Crime Task Force. According to my source one of the more intriguing ones is an [investigation] into the Trump Modeling Agency.”

Based on this, we can assume that one of the three investigations, which apparently overlap, is that of Trump Model Management, the modeling agency founded by Donald Trump himself. The other two investigations are still unknowns at this point, but the fact that over 100 targets are being considered for indictment is extraordinary. Even for large cases involving “Enterprise Corruption” charges (NY State’s version of the RICO), 100+ indictments is almost unheard of.

Taylor admitted that he can’t be any more accurate on the time frame, other than simply his source’s statement of “later this year”, but surely one would think that if Trump is involved, this will also somehow tie into the investigations being put forth by Congress and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.