REPORT: N.Y. Trump Probe Will “Shock the Public & Prompt Outcry”


Update: A Followup Article has just been published — Trump Allegedly Procured Young Girls Through Russian Organized Crime

Over the last couple of weeks, has been covering reports related to multiple investigations currently taking place in the state of New York by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman into President Trump and his business dealings. The reports, which have mainly been coming to us from former White House staffer, and veteran of three presidential campaigns, Claude Taylor (although also covered to some degree by the mainstream media), have indicated that the investigations underway in New York may be further ahead and just as comprehensive as special counsel Robert Mueller’s own Federal investigations.

While Mueller seems to have begun his investigation focused on the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia, the investigations in New York revolve more around the President’s business dealings, and according to sources of Taylor’s, may include over 100 targets. One such business of Trump’s, which sources say is under scrutiny is that of Trump Model Management, a Trump-owned modeling agency, which recently has shut down.

According to an additional report by Claude Taylor, we have just learned that the New York probe actually includes three different investigations into Trump and his businesses, and those working with NYAG Schneiderman seem to have uncovered more than they had expected.

“NYAG Schneiderman source, ‘what we are uncovering will shock the public and prompt outcry’ (as [reported], NYAG has 3 ongoing Trump investigations).” Taylor recently tweeted.

We don’t like to speculate, especially since this is an opinion of an anonymous source, however if this source is accurate, it appears as if the President’s crimes may run much deeper than merely his campaign’s collusion with a hostile foreign nation. We will continue to follow up on this story, as unlike the Mueller investigation, any prosecution and conviction made via Schneiderman’s office would be immune to the President’s pardon powers since only federal crimes are pardonable.