REPORT: Ivanka, Don Jr. & Eric All Implicated in NY Money Laundering Investigation


We all know that three of President Trump’s four children played large roles within the Trump Organization as well as other Trump-owned businesses. Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. had/have executive positions within the Trump Organization, while Tiffany Trump, Marla Maples’ daughter, remained removed from all business relations. As it turns out, these close ties seem like they could possibly bring the bulk of the family down, if in fact the investigation being conducted by NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman turns up any criminal behavior.

According to sources of Claude Taylor’s, a veteran of three presidential campaigns and former White House staffer under Bill Clinton, the Schneiderman investigation seems to be moving rapidly, and is likely to implicate Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. of money laundering charges.

“Here’s what I’ve been told. All adult kids (not Tiff) are implicated in NYAG Schneiderman’s money laundering [investigation]. And Jared’s talking,” Taylor tweeted last night.

As we reported earlier this week, according to Taylor’s sources, the New York Attorney General’s office is currently conducting three different investigations into the President. One of these investigations is related to money laundering. If the Trump organization as a whole was involved in a major international money laundering operation, it would make sense that the key executives from that company would face conspiracy to commit money laundering charges. If there are multiple charges, all three children could face decades in prison. Both Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are currently Executive Vice Presidents at the Trump Organization. While Ivanka does not work directly for the company now, she had been an executive for the company until January of this year when husband Jared Kushner took a job at the White House.

Taylor also indicated in his tweet, that Kushner was talking. It is very possible that Kushner is trying to save his wife by cooperating with investigators, knowing that she herself will not talk. All indications we have seen thus far have shown that all three children are incredibly loyal to their father and would fall on a knife if they had to, in order to protect him. Therefore the prospects of any of his children talking are slim to none from what we’ve heard.

As leaks continue to come from the Schneiderman investigation, it is very likely that more of this story will be revealed over the next several weeks.  We will stay on top of it all.