REPORT: Bill Clinton To Provide Testimony On Trump Human Trafficking Case


At this point in history, it seems almost impossible that former President Bill Clinton would have been acquaintances with Donald Trump, but if you go back over a decade, this is actually the case. The Clintons were once friendly with the President, well prior to Trump’s decision to jump into the 2016 presidential race. In fact, both Hillary and Bill attended the wedding of Donald and Melania Trump on January 22, 2005.

While throughout the years it had been reported that Trump confided in Bill Clinton on a number of issues, most events in which the two men were in attendance together had been off limits to the press. With that said, both men have been accused and rumored to have been quite promiscuous over the years, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone had the two of them conversed about their past sexual escapades.

If you recall a couple of weeks ago, we covered a report from former Bill Clinton staffer and veteran of 3 presidential campaigns, Claude Taylor, which indicated that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was investigating a company called Trump Model Management. According to Taylor’s sources close to the investigation, Schneiderman was focused on possible human trafficking crimes committed by Donald Trump as a part of a possible ‘enterprise corruption’ charge. This weekend, Taylor got more information from his sources, which he passed along to his Twitter followers.

“Schneiderman source: as previously reported-a very prominent Democrat is preparing to offer testimony against Trump in human trafficking investigation. Trump confided to Bill Clinton that many of the young women being brought to US for Trump Model Management were underage.

I worked for Bill Clinton for 5 years. Proud of my small role. I am not accusing him of anything. I’m just saying my Schneiderman source says that Trump told Clinton many models brought into US were underage and Clinton may be prepared to testify that’s what Trump said,” Taylor tweeted yesterday afternoon.

While we were hesitant to publish this information, Taylor’s sources have been accurate in the past and given that he was once employed by Clinton, such claims may hold even more water. While testimony by Clinton could provide crucial details on Trump’s knowledge and intent of any illegal behavior, it’s very likely that those on the right would easily be able to deflate any information which comes about by his testimony. After all, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in a heated, attack-filled campaign just last year.

In the end, if Bill Clinton does in fact provide testimony on Trump and Trump Model Management, it may be behind closed doors and the public may never actually get to hear what is said.  Despite this, all indications point to a major investigation currently ongoing in the state of New York involving the President, his family and their businesses, and further leaks will likely surface in the weeks and months ahead.