REPORT: 4 Indictments Likely By Friday In NY Trump Investigation


Update: 8/11/2017 – 8:10PM

I’ve received numerous emails pertaining to the Friday deadline (today).  Up until this point there has been no public indictments.  This leaves us with three possible scenarios:

  1. The indictments were sealed, meaning they will not be made public until the individuals charged are arraigned and released (in a case like this with possibly dozens of co-conspirators, it’s very likely that the indictments would be sealed in order to avoid tipping off possible co-conspirators.)
  2. The indictments have yet to take place.
  3. Taylor’s source of information was inaccurate or not reliable.  Taylor has himself stated that he has not heard back from the source today and has not heard any subsequent information.  Taylor also removed the initial tweet regarding this leak as a precaution since the source has seemingly gone quiet.


As many of you are likely aware, there are multiple reports that President Trump is not only being investigated by the House, Senate and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but a fourth body, the New York Attorney General’s office, is also investigating him on multiple fronts. Claude Taylor, a former Clinton staffer and veteran of 3 presidential campaigns, has been tweeting following his reception of information from leakers within NY Attorney General, Eric Sneiderman’s office. Taylor’s sources, which remain anonymous, have hinted that there are three different investigations underway pertaining to the President.

While Taylor, as well as his sources, initially had stated that the Mueller Investigation will likely bare fruit before the Schneiderman one, information that Taylor received yesterday has abruptly changed this narrative.  In fact it appears that the investigation in New York is so far along that indictments may be handed down as early as this week.

“NYAG source says 4 indictments likely by Friday in Trump Organization case-one of them in Trump’s inner circle. I will work to verify this. Indictments haven’t happened yet so we can’t know if they will be sealed. Sorry-I’ve not been released to say which member of inner circle,” Taylor tweeted yesterday afternoon.

This is the first time that Taylor’s sources have indicated an actual date — Friday, August 11 — and it may be the first time we can somewhat try and verify the accuracy of these sources of Taylor’s. With that said, oftentimes indictments are sealed, meaning that it will not be public until after the person being indicted has been arrested. Sealed indictments are often used in order to prevent tipping off the person being charged or other co-conspirators who have yet to be indicted themselves.  This can prevent the shredding of evidence or prevent those who think they may also be guilty of the crime from fleeing.

As for what Taylor and his sources mean by “member of [Trump’s] inner circle,” that’s anyone’s guess, but I would assume it could be either a family member or top executive working for the Trump Administration.

Even if this happens to be a sealed indictment, it’s very likely that whoever has been leaking this information to Taylor, will continue leaking, perhaps revealing these individual’s identities. As always, this information is coming from only a single anonymous source, via Taylor, so until it’s confirmed through other channels, take it for what it’s worth.   Taylor has been quite accurate in the past and is quick to point out when a source he uses may not be reliable.  In this case he seems quite convinced that these indictments are in fact coming.