Trump Just ‘Liked’ a Tweet Accusing Him of Sex Crimes & Linked to Our Story


President Trump has been known to be an obsessive Twitter user. He tweets multiple times during the day, retweets news articles which he finds interesting, and once in a while “likes” a tweet here and there by his family members and/or inner circle. Last night, however, President Trump decided to click the little red heart under one tweet (denoting a “like”), which was obviously attacking him in a negative way.

That tweet was created by a Twitter user named Alexander Hamilton and it was accusing the President of being tied to an underage sex trafficking ring. What is even more ironic, is that the tweet linked directly to one of’s articles.

You may recall that earlier this week, we reported on sources which claimed that 4 indictments were likely to be handed down this week in an investigation taking place in New York by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The story focused on an anonymous source close to the New York Attorney General’s office, which claimed that one of the indictments would include someone within Trump’s “inner circle”. This source confided in former White House staffer, Claude Taylor, who shared the story via Twitter.

As you can see in the photo above, President Trump had liked a tweet in a thread, originally started by the Twitter account Impeach_D_Trump. The actual tweet that was liked was by “Alexander Hamilton” and it read as follows:

So why exactly would the President of the United States “Like” a tweet that accuses him of sex trafficking? More than likely, he was reading the thread of tweets and accidentally clicked on the little red heart. However, we also now know that he at least temporarily stopped to read this accusation and the corresponding article headline published right here on

Rawstory also picked up on this, and Trump himself apparently realized what he had done because he quickly “unliked” the tweet in a matter of minutes.

As for Twitter user “Alexander Hamilton” he had this to say about the interesting events that have occurred.

“Umm…did I just become DJT’s 13th ever like? I’m gonna guess his finger was trembling. Do you believe me now? #WagTheDog #KoreaDistraction😳”

What do you think? Was Trump’s finger trembling as he read allegations of sex trafficking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.