BREAKING: Imminent Trump/Russia Arrests? EDVA Courthouse Shut to Public


Over the course of the past two weeks, there have been multiple rumors stemming from leaks coming out of the Eastern District Court of Virginia (EDVA), related to possible subpoenas, search warrants and arrest warrants in the Trump/Flynn/Russia investigation. While former FBI Director James Comey confirmed that he had been working with the Eastern District Court of Virginia prior to his firing, rumors coming from the likes of Claude Taylor and Louise Mensch have insisted that the grand jury in this district is already issuing subpoenas and search warrants related to the Trump investigation.

On the surface, we only have the word of these two pseudo-journalists to go on, but in the past both Taylor and Mensch have been quite accurate, reporting on the FISA warrants many weeks ahead of the mainstream media. With that said, events taking place at the EDVA courthouse this afternoon seem to suggest that something major is underway outside of the public’s glance.

At approximately 1PM EST, the EDVA courthouse closed its doors to the public which we are told is an extremely rare occurrence. Phone calls made to the courthouse have gone unanswered and there is no official statement by anyone there. A little further investigating shows that a plea agreement hearing is scheduled for this coming Monday for a woman named Angelina Lazar. So who is Mrs. Lazar? Well, she just so happened to be a VIP guest at President Trump’s inauguration.

While we don’t want to jump to any conclusions based on this case, the reasoning for the courthouse shutting its doors to the public are a mystery, unless the plea agreement hearing was related to a sealed indictment of some sorts.  It is interesting to note that the EDVA courthouse has also seen their total number of daily dockets stripped down this week significantly, with the senior justices really clearing their schedules.  If there is an imminent surge of arrests about to be made, this looks like it may be the week.

We will stay on top of this story should additional details emerge.