First Videos of Hurricane Irma Damage Emerge & They Are Horrifying


As the strongest hurricane to ever form in the Atlantic Ocean churns towards the US mainland, there are multiple islands which are in its direct path. These islands include Barbuda, St. Kitts, St. Martin, and Antigua. Unlike the US mainland, which will see some weakening of this 185 mile per hour storm, those on the islands are facing the full force of a powerful Category 5 Hurricane.

The first videos, particularly from the island of St. Martin are trickling in, and the damage caused by Hurricane Irma can best be described as horrifying. Thanks to a radio station out of Guadeloupe, the following footage has been provided this morning from St. Martin.

Meanwhile, the island of Barbuda has yet to contact anyone on the outside after the eye of Hurricane Irma passed over them late last night and into this morning. Devastation of that island is almost a foregone conclusion after seeing the videos above of neighboring St. Martin.

If you are in the path of this dangerous storm, please get up to higher ground immediately. Make sure the structure you are in is able to withstand winds of over 160 miles per hour and always have a backup plan should the unexpected occur.  Hurricane Irma will next target the northern shore of Puerto Rico, before moving towards Cuba and ultimately the state of Florida.

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