Plot to Assassinate Prince Charles in the Name of Gingers Foiled


Recently, Prince Charles had reason to fear for his life.  Why?  Because a self-proclaimed ginger by the name of Mark Colborne felt he and others like him were going to be minimized by Charles’ forthcoming reign as the king of England.  A so-called extremist, Colborne appears to have decided upon a lethal course of action: assassination.

It seems it wasn’t so much Prince Charles’ ideology Colborne had a problem with as the fact that Prince Charles simply doesn’t have red hair.  The motivation behind his crazed plan seemed to be spurred on by the fact that Prince Charles’ son Harry is a fellow “ginger” whom Colborne prince-charles-waiting-in-line-throne-ftrhoped could one day take over as king.  Harry would be fifth in line to the throne, however, had his father met an untimely death.

Luckily, Colborne’s plan did not come to fruition.  It was Colborne’s half-brother who saved the day by turning him into the police after finding chemicals, books on how to make cyanide, and detailed rants with an overtly homicidal tone belonging to his brother.  One such quote from his writings read, “I would sacrifice my life for that one shot.  Kill Charles and William and Harry become king [sic].  Kill the tyrants.”  Another shared a more personal aspect of his plight and read almost like a mission statement.  He wrote, “I want them to see my transition from poor red-haired victimised minority that is constantly walked over to a fully transformed military terrorist.”  He was arrested on June 3rd of last year and has been awaiting trial until now.  He will be sentenced on November 3rd.

I guess it’s never a surprise that the assassinator and prospective victim have very little in common, but it seems to be particularly striking in this case.  Prince Charles is known not only as the future heir to the throne of a6d867d712c040dc03c57ca62b80259d-1England, but also as the former spouse of Lady Diana, and the son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mark Colborne on the other hand, is thirty-seven, and well, admittedly insane.  Oh yeah, and he’s a ginger.

Though Colborne’s plan was stopped well before it was put into action, the possibility that it could have happened is frightening.  Do you think it should be assumed Colborne was going to go through with it, or do you think he deserves a more lenient punishment?