Justice Class Action Lawsuit Means Money For Shoppers Everywhere – Deadline For Claims Announced for April 4, 2016


For shoppers of Justice Stores, operated by Tween Brands, Inc., they may have a bit of money coming their way, especially if they shopped at the store between 2012 and February of 2015. Because of a class action lawsuit filed against Tween Brands Inc., and Ascena Retail Group which resulted in a settlement of $50.8 million, shoppers everywhere are entitled receiving cash or vouchers if they shopped at the store.

The Justice Class Action Lawsuit entitles those who received a special access code in the mail with the option of filing a claim without the need of any receipt proving their purchase. Others who did not receive the Justice class action access code can also file a claim with copies of their receipts. Claimants in some states will be entitled to receive cash in the amount of up to $20 or a voucher in the amount of $30. Claimants in other states will be entitled to a cash payment in the amount of 14% of a total purchase ora voucher in the amount of 20% of a total purchase from Justice stores.

For those shoppers wondering how long they have to make a claim, that answer is about another month. The Justice Class Action Settlement will allow for submission of claims up until April 4, 2016, via the claim website, JusticeClassAction.com.