The Best Medicine of Them All – New Chocolate Offers Health Benefits, Much Less Fat


Are you a “chocoholic”? Don’t feel guilty becauses oon, you’ll have a great excuse — It’s good for you!

In what could be the most significant sweet-tooth development since glazed donuts, dedicated scientists have announced they’ve managed to create a chocolate so healthy you could take it as medicine.

Wait…don’t rush to the doctor yet. There’s more…

Here’s how they did it. The key ingredient in chocolate – cacao – actually contains things that really are beneficial from a health standpoint. You get vital antioxidants and minerals. And cacao can play a role in lowering your blood pressure and maintaining “good” cholesterol. It’s fun to say, too. “Cacao.”

Chocolate 01

But (and here’s where things start going south), most chocolate bars also contain at least 70 percent fat and sugar – which, as you may have guessed, are not ingredients any self-respecting physician would prescribe for you or anyone else. So, the key to making chocolate healthy, in scientific terms, seems to be reducing the bad so the good can do its thing.

And that’s what Kuka Xoco has accomplished. The company found a way to “de-bitter” unsweetened cacao. And that means there’s less of a need for sugar, sweeteners or most of the fat, according to spokesman Gregory Abarionian.

Their new prototype chocolate bar contains only 35 percent fat – meaning that the positive effects of the cacao will be much more pronounced.

Voila! Healthy chocolate!

Chocolate 03

And while the current version cuts the fat content by fifty percent, the company’s goal is to develop a formula containing just ten percent fat and sugar.  Marketing of the new chocolate is set to begin in 2016.

Presenting their creation at the World Chocolate Forum, Mr. Aharonian added: “In America, the $100 billion-a-year chocolate industry could become a $200 billion-a-year health food industry, if only much of the sugar and fat could be removed.”

“We look forward to working with the chocolate industry to make chocolate the most fun medicine.”

As for the rest of us, we shall look forward to consuming as much chocolate as is humanly possible, free of any guilt whatsoever. Not to mention the potential is there to throw away all of those pills sitting in your medicine cabinet.

Life is good.