Mysterious Blue Fat Discovered in California Pig, Leaves Locals Intrigued


p2The majority of us have eaten pig fat before, whether it was in the form of bacon, sausage, pulled-pork, or whatever other way we may enjoy. Typically the fat has a yellow to whitish tint to it and appears just like you’d imagine fat on any other animal, including human beings.

With that said, one hunter in Morgan City, California was in for quite a surprise after snagging a wild hog. After shooting it, he took it back to his home where he proceeded to gut the animal. As soon as the process began, the hunters, along with their son-in-law who uploaded images of the animal to Imgur under the username GlendilTEK, noticed something very unusual, the fat seemed to be Smurf-blue, and when the carcass was left out in the open on the Morgan-City property, the local predators didn’t want anything to do with it.

“Just to clarify, since there has been questions, they did not start cutting open the pig until they had strapped it to the ATV and driven back home, so most of the blood has left the pigs body at this point,” explained GlendilTEK.

Was this an alien species disguised as a pig? Did this pig happen to eat an overweight Smurf? These are all likely questions which have popped into your heads by now. The fact is, no one really knows for sure yet. The hunter’s son-in-law posted the pictures to Imgur, and they quickly went viral. In the process, there were several comments posted, suggesting possible causes of this odd find . One possibility is that it had ingested some kind of rat poisoning or other chemical. Others suggested that perhaps it was some kind of genetic mutation.  One of the more feasible possibilities posted was that it may be caused by a copper contamination, but as far as residents in the area are aware there is no copper, only mercury in the surrounding environment.  Chemicals likely are the culprit, according to California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan.


“Pigs eat pesticides and rodenticides, and it stains the fat of the pig.  We recommend not eating the animal, and you should try to dispose of it so it doesn’t get back into the environment.”

Hughes said that he has seen somewhat similar discolorations in the past and in those cases it was caused by the ingestion of chemicals. Whatever caused this rather odd discoloration, we will soon likely find out for sure, as the individuals who found the pig have already sent off samples to the University of California Davis to be examined. We will be sure to update this article with any new information surrounding this rather mysterious case as it becomes available.