Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson: ‘Hitler Could Happen Here”


As the Republican race for the Presidential nomination heats up and the candidates all seek to stand out in a crowded field, the next several weeks should be filled with lots of interesting comments, insights and material coming from those wishing to get a leg up on their competition.

While Republican candidate Ben Carson continues to rake in funding for his campaign, much of which can be attributed to the controversial remarks he made recently when asked if a Muslim should be President of the United States, it’s another controversial remark which could provide him even more free media attention, and perhaps boost his chances at the nomination even further.

Yesterday during an interview, Carson suggested that the United States could follow in the footsteps of Nazi Germany if we are not careful.

“If you go back and look at the history of the world, tyranny and despotism and how it starts, it has a lot to do with control of thought and control of speech,” Carson said. “If people don’t speak up for what they believe, then other people will change things without them having a voice. Hitler changed things there and nobody protested. Nobody provided any opposition to him.”b1

Immediately reporters bated him on trying to capture an even more controversial remark, asking him who he thinks is like Adolf Hitler in the US. Carson refused to name any individuals, and instead opted to leave his answer open-ended, saying that the example is pretty clear. When another reporter cut in and asked if he was comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler, he swiftly replied, “”No. I am saying in a situation where people do not express themselves, bad things can happen.”

While controversial comments may not always be a good thing on the political trail, with 15 candidates vying for the Republican nomination, any strategy which allows a particularĀ candidate to stand out can be a valuable asset as they try to stick around as long as they possibly can. Carson currently has seen a surge in polls, with the latest RealClearPolitics poll average placing him firmly in the #2 position at 16.3%, only 7% below Donald Trump, who has led the field since mid-July.

It will be interesting to see which candidates drop out over the coming weeks, and how that may ultimately play into the race. Let’s hear your thoughts on Carson’s recent remarksĀ in our comments section below.