You Won’t Believe What This Artist Used to ‘Paint’ A Portrait of Donald Trump


Love him or hate him, their is no arguing that Donald Trump has garnered a tremendous amount of media attention since launching his presidential bid earlier this year. Controversy has not been lacking from his campaign which t2first seeks to win the Republican nomination before moving on to likely compete again Hillary Clinton (at least it seems that way) for the Presidency.

Trump has had a knack for offending both immigrants as well as women through the various comments he has made over the course of the last few months. Back in June, Trump made comments in which he depicted Mexicans as rapists and criminals, and then during the first Republican debate on Fox News in August, when he was asked by Megan Kelly about his past derogatory comments towards women, he later reacted to those questions in yet another controversial way. Trump alluded that Kelly must have been on her period during the debate because of the way she attacked him. Whether it was an attack, or simply good journalism depends on who you ask, but his comments after the debate certainly rubbed many people the wrong way.

One of these people is an artist named Sarah Levy, and her recent work, a portrait of Donald Trump, using her own Menstrual Blood as paint, certainly isn’t your average masterpiece.

“I painted a portrait of Donald Trump using my own menstrual blood (and a tampon and a paint brush),” Levy wrote on her blog. “The goal is to auction it off and give the money to an organization that helps Mexican immigrants in the U.S., because ol’ Don would hate that.”

As she explains, the piece actually took quite a bit of time, and although she had the idea for a couple of weeks, she had to wait for the right time of the month to actually commence the project.

“I did a base layer of his face using the tampon from that morning that I had saved, then used a paint brush and Q-tips dipped in vials of the blood from the DivaCup to paint the rest of it,” explains Levy. “It’s basically like water coloring but with blood.”

While Levy says that she has yet to find a buyer for the original piece, she is selling 11″ x 17″ prints on Easy for just $20 a piece. All proceeds from the sales will go to an immigrants’ rights organization in the United States, and judging by the media attention that this portrait has received so far, there is likely to be a decent amount of money that will be donated.