Democratic Debate: Time, Podium Order & Participants — Will Sanders Shine or Will Clinton Extend Her Lead


It’s been a heck of a ride for many Republican candidates vying for their party’s nomination for the 2016 Presidential election. While many political pundits would say that the Republican field is overcrowded, the party has already had a couple important debates, slowly eliminating many contestants.

In the meantime, the other major party in the United States, the Democratic Party, hasn’t had a single debate, and many Americans likely can’t even name the major candidates besides of course Hillary Clinton. This will all change though this evening as CNN hosts the first Democratic debate tonight with coverage beginning at 8:30 PM ET. For those of you without a cable television subscription, CNN will also be live-streaming the debate online at their website.d11

The news organization has just released the podium order for the five candidates who will be participating in tonight’s highly anticipated debate. Flanked on each side of Clinton will be Senator Bernie Sanders on the left and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley on the right. To the left of Sanders will be former Virginia Senator Jim Webb, and to the right of O’Malley will be former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee.

While Clinton leads by double digits over the competition, Senator Bernie Sanders has been gaining ground as of late and is known for his straightforward debate style.

Noticeably absent from this first debate (at least as of this morning) is Vice President Joe Biden, who has yet to make a decision on whether or not he will run this election. The fact that he seems to be skipping this debate may suggest that perhaps he is leaning towards not running. With that said, CNN has left the door open, even today for Biden to participate, and has said that they will leave space available for an additional podium should he decide to take part.

This debate should certainly be an interesting one, with Clinton clearly in the lead. Additionally, Sanders is arguably not even a Democrat, with ideologies bordering on socialism with him traditionally categorizing himself as an Independent. At the same time, both Webb and Chafee began their political careers as Republicans, only recently switching parties.

Who do you think will shine tonight? Will Clinton be able to bury her email scandal once and for all? Will Bernie Sanders’ debate experience pay off? Let us know in the comments section below.