Who Won The Democratic Debate? Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Someone Else?


Last night was a big night, not only for the five candidates who, for the most part, put on solid performances without the jabs and infighting we have seen in the the last two Republican debates, but rather for the Democratic Party as a whole.

With Hillary Clinton clearly the frontrunner going into last evening’s performance, the debate allowed the other four candidates to reveal themselves to the American people.

Let’s first start with the two candidates who likely won’t be nominated. Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb. While both candidates have years of political experience, their lack of confidence on the national stage was apparent. Chafee had several awkward moments and responses, and Webb seemed more interested in trying to garner more speaking time than actually answering the questions presented to him.de2

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley put in a decent performance, speaking clearly and effortlessly whenever it was his turn to answer a question. His rather robotic approach to the debate likely didn’t play into his favor, however, and along with Chafee and Webb he was clearly outperformed by the other two candidates, Sanders and Clinton.

Going into last night’s debate in Las Vegas, Clinton had been leading Sanders 45-26 and seemed as though she would run away with the nomination despite the whole email scandal. With that said Sanders put on an impressive performance, showing America what he’s about and according to a CNN focus group during the debate, showed characteristics of being a confident, strong, straightforward, sincere, direct and a “smart politician”.

All five candidates on the podium were respectful of one another, almost to a surprising extent. In fact, the comment which garnered the most applause from those in attendance was one made by Bernie Sanders about Clinton’s email scandal.

“The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!” Sanders said. “Enough of the emails. Let’s talk about the real issues facing America.”

In the end, both Clinton and Sanders seemed to put on equally impressive performances, with Sanders’ standing out among the five candidates, but with Clinton likely coming out the winner as she was flawless in every way.

Sanders may gain a bit in the polls as many Americans were not familiar with his ideology, but Clinton certainly didn’t hurt herself either.

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