Iran Has Freed 4 U.S. Prisoners As Sanctions Are Lifted


Today seems to be a big one for the Obama administration, who came under fire by Republicans over the last several months after they announced a nuclear deal with Iran. Following the announcement, many Republicans criticized the administration on a deal they believe was skewed more towards Iran. In fact, Many Republican Presidential candidates, including Donald Trump have risen an alarm that Obama should have secured the release of U.S. prisoners being held in Iran prior to any deal being signed.

Well, apparently as the Iranian sanctions are lift, the President had in fact made sure that four U.S. prisoners, including the Washington Post journalist and bureau chief in Iran, Jason Rezaian were released. While it’s still too early to tell what the conditions of their release were, it appears as if the four U.S. prisoners may have been the a significant part of the deal to lift sanctions on Iran and prevent the country¬†from developing a nuclear weapon.

While it’s still unclear who the other three prisoners may have been, it seems likely that they could have been the Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini, the Marin veteran Amir Hekmati, and the former FBI agent and CIA contractor Robert Levison. This is based solely on the fact that these individuals are the three others whom we know had either gone missing in Iran, or were captured.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays into tomorrow night’s Democratic debate, as also how Republicans react to this accomplishment by the Obama administration.