Donald Trump on President Obama: “He’s Really Doing Great”


By now you have likely become quite used to President-elect Donald Trump saying and doing some pretty unexpected things. Whether it’s his recent cabinet appointments, or his rather obvious flip-flopping on key campaign issues, the unexpected has pretty much become expected.

Continuing his ‘Thanks You’ tour in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this afternoon, Trump said something that even his die-hard supporters will likely have a hard time swallowing. While discussing government corruption and lobbyists, he went off on a bit of a tangent about President Obama, but his words were not what his crowd of supporters were expecting nor hoping for:

Trump: “President Obama, who by the way I have gotten along with so well…”
(Boos from the crowd)
Trump: “No, no, no, he’s really doing great. He’s been so nice. But 8 years ago he talked about, in Chicago, what goes on. They don’t talk about it any more. And believe me it’s only gotten worse folks, only gotten worse.”

The Republican President-elect just admitted to a crowd of thousands of Republicans, in addition to the hundreds of thousands or perhaps even millions watching the event at home, that President Obama is ‘really doing great’. Now I’m sure the context is what counts, but Trump didn’t offer up any other details as to what he may be doing that is so ‘great’.

Over the past month Trump has met several times and continues to stay in communication with President Obama. He has even gone as far as ask the President his own opinion on future cabinet picks, according to Trump himself. For a man who has been the father of the birther movement, and claimed that the President was not qualified for the position due to an incomplete birth certificate, this seems like a rather odd change of pace for Trump, but then again it’s just Trump being Trump.