#TrumpTelevisionShows Trends on Twitter – Here Are the Top 33


Every now and then a Twitter trend pops into my news feed and I get about 30 minutes of shear laughter out of it. The latest, #TrumpTelevisionShows, is one such trend. The purpose of this hashtag is to get people to think of possible television show titles which could be created around President-elect Donald J. Trump. Below we have compiled a list of some of the more creative #TrumpTelevisionShows, as found on Twitter.com this morning:


1. The Bigly Bang Theory
2. The Shady Bunch
3. Orange is the New President
4. The Walking Brain Dead
5. How I met my Daughter
6. Dancing With The Tsars
7. The Big Bank Theory
8. The Bigot Bang Theory
9. Little Hands on The Prairie
10. Grab Them by the Pu$$y Girls!
11. The A-Hole Team
12. The Love Gloat
13. How I Met Your 3rd Mother
14. Married Three Times With Children
15. Leave It To Vladimir
16. Two and a Half Brain Cells
17. 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Own Teenage Daughter
18. Dude Where’s My Country
19. Dons of Anarchy
20. The Death of a Nation
21. Trump Wars: The Immigrants Strike Back.
22. Keeping Up With The Kremlin
23. Days of Our Lies
24. The Amazing Racist
25. The Un-American
26. Downton Flabby
27. 3rd Reich From the Sun
28. Sons of Anarchy – Blind Trust Edition
29. Arrested Development
30. No I Am Not Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
31. Downtown Grabby
32. How I Met Mother Russia
33. Breaking Vlad

The vast majority of the titles seem to have obvious negative┬áconnotations, however there were a few less creative, yet positive titles such as: “Greatest American Hero,” “It’s Always Sunny In Trumplandia,” and ‘The Trumpprentice’.