President Trump Tweets the Phrase ‘Easy D’ and the Internet Goes Crazy


If you are at all familiar with the social media platform Twitter, then you likely have come across numerous Tweets posted by President Trump. Unlike other heads of state, Trump doesn’t shy away from saying whatever is on his mind. Take for instance the numerous personal attacks on his opponents during the campaign season, or recent attacks on foreign governments such as Mexico and Iran.

While it’s arguable whether or not Trump’s use of Twitter in such a rash, unfiltered manner is in the best interest of our nation, no one can deny the fact that there is some entertainment value to following President Trump if you are a Twitter user. Today, following some rather concerning Tweets regarding his views towards the judicial¬†branch of government and its impact on his travel ban, as well as a Tweet bashing Nordstrom for dropping his daughter Ivanka’s brand from their shelves, yet another interesting comment was made by the unfiltered leader of the free world. The message read as follows:

“Big increase in traffic into our country from certain areas, while our people are far more vulnerable, as we wait for what should be EASY D!”

While Trump was once again referring to the pending decision coming from our court system regarding the legality of his travel ban, the 140-character limit of Twitter forced a rather interesting abbreviation on the President’s part. Because he couldn’t fit what we assume was the phrase “easy decision” into his Tweet, he decided to simply type¬†‘EASY D”. What we assume the President was unaware of, was the slang use of this phrase, one which is defined by Urban Dictionary as “A girl that is very easy to get with and has Double Ds.” It wasn’t only the phrase which stood out, but the actual context in which that phrase was used, as well as the person the phrase was being used by.

Immediately, those on social media picked up on the gaff, using it to poke fun at the man, who himself has said some pretty nasty and inappropriate things targeted towards women in the past. It’s almost unbelievable that President Trump could have used this phrase without knowing the underlying slang that it’s used for, especially given his past.

“Personally, I love ‘easy D’. Everyone should have access to ‘easy D’. In fact, ‘easy D’ should be a right for all'” wrote one Twitter user.

“Easy D” Putin’s pet name for the Donald,” wrote another user.

Some Twitter users even went in another direction from the obvious sexual reference, equating the phrase to a possible grade.

“EASY D” is the grade everyone will get when Betsy DeVos runs our education to the ground,” wrote one Twitter User.

“An Easy D is a higher grade than Trump University received from the Better Business Bureau,” wrote another clever Twitter user.

Regardless of the humor in all of this, the main issue, however, is the fact that the President of the United States continues to try and intimidate the court system following their challenge to his Executive Order.