Donald Trump Jr. Blocked Me On Twitter For Mentioning ‘Russia’


Twitter… a revolution in communication.  If you sit back and really think about it, a single tweet can change the world, send shivers down one’s spine, or open up a sense of trust with someone you may never have met in your life.  Twitter is the very essence of ‘Free Speech’.

Let me introduce myself.  I am the founder of one of the more popular anti-Trump Twitter accounts, ‘Impeach Donald Trump’.  My goal has been to reach out to Americans in every corner of our nation and educate them on history, voting rights and, well, the many shortcomings of our President, Donald J. Trump.  I try to do this with facts, not ‘FAKE NEWS’; love, not hate; and knowledge, not ignorance.  With close to 100,000 followers, I feel that my reach is small, yet effective and hope that eventually my words (or tweets) will wake up America and remind us of who we really are, not who the devil on our right shoulders want us to become.

While the bulk of my Tweets are related to news regarding President Trump or his cabinet members, and sometimes the occasional meme, I also respond to tweets posted by the President himself and those surrounding him. Recently I felt compelled to respond to a tweet made by the son of the President, Donald Trump Jr., after he decided to post a link to a Breitbart article regarding ‘Never Trump” Republicans.

I gave a poignant response, which I felt was not over-the-top or offensive:

I didn’t expect a reply back and I certainly didn’t get one, however I did get something else from the young man; a big fat TWITTER BLOCK!

“You are blocked from following @DonaldJTrumpJr and viewing @DonaldJTrumpJr’s Tweets,” I was told when visiting his Twitter profile the other day as I was working on a research project.

Heck, he has the right to block whomever he wishes, just as I have the right to block whomever I wish on Twitter. With that said, I find it a tad bit odd, given the various personal insults I have seen directed towards him which have gone unpunished, that this simple Tweet sparked such outrage. What was it in that short, concise tweet that made the man say, ‘hey, I’m going to block this account from seeing anything I ever post again’?

Was it “Russia”? Was it the fact that I brought up his and his father’s possible ties to Vladimir Putin and Russia, right in the midst of the release of the infamous Russian dossier? Clearly Don Jr. doesn’t have a very open mind to free speech. Could this view stem from his father’s views on free speech and the free press? Who knows? All I know is that a simple weet mentioning ‘Russia’ seems to have gotten under the man’s skin more than normal.  After all, there are numerous accounts not blocked which have compared President Trump to Hitler, suggested incess in the family and even suggested that Don Jr. should be in jail for conspiracy.

Let’s just hope that President Trump isn’t as fast-fingered as his son regarding our freedoms, our sovereignty and our dignity as a nation.