Why President Trump Must Resign Immediately


Trust me, I don’t take the calling for the resignation of the President of the United States of America lightly, but it truly is the only option following multiple reports of his treasonous (yes I said it) behavior within the Oval Office last week.

During Donald Trump’s meeting with Sergey V. Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, and Sergey I. Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the United States, whom many within the intelligence community classify as Russia’s top spy, Trump allegedly revealed classified information regarding an ISIS plot. On its face this doesn’t seem like an earth-shattering event, even if it is with a top spy whose nation undermined our democracy less than a year ago, but the revealing of the ally which provided that information is immensely alarming. What Trump did as he bragged to our enemy that he had “the best intel reports,” is he undermined the confidence of all of our allies when it comes to sharing classified information with our government. From this point forward, the United States of America is far less safe than it was only a few days ago.

Yes, Donald J. Trump, as President, has not only put the lives of those who may have collected that intel at risk, but also those lives of every man, woman and child fighting for and living within the United States. A resignation by our 45th president is the only solution to the problem. For the remainder of his presidency, our friends and allies will suspect that classified information passed to him may make it into the hands of Vladimir Putin or any of their other enemies.

I’m assuming that the Republican party also agrees that Mr. Trump should hand in his resignation effective immediately. Heck, even Trump should be in agreement. Remember these Tweets from the President himself, not too long ago?

“Hillary Clinton should not be given national security briefings in that she is a lose cannon with extraordinarily bad judgement & insticts”. – Donald J. Trump

“Crooked Hillary Clinton and her team ‘were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.’ Not fit!” – Donald J. Trump

“China, Russia and Iran are laughing at us. We have weak leaders who are threatening our national security. Dangerous times”. – Donald J. Trump

You may recall back in February when National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign. At the center of his resignation was the fact that he had private communications with Russia’s top spy, Sergey I. Kislyak, and likely made an offer to the man about sanctions once the Trump Administration were to office. Isn’t this latest blunder by Trump much worse? Trump has allegedly met with Kislyak within the Oval Office, refusing to allow U.S. reporters to enter. Meanwhile he allowed a Russian cameraman to take photographs as the two men and Putin’s right-hand man, Sergey V. Lavrov, discussed highly classified information. If this is not grounds for impeachment, than what is?

The very fact that key Republicans in the House and the Senate are once again blowing these careless actions off, is incredible. You may recall back in February of 2009, shortly after President Obama took office, Republicans made a huge deal out of the fact that the President took off his suit jacket in the Oval Office. They said that he should be following a dress code. Meanwhile President Trump serves up classified material to a known hostile spy, within the Oval Office, all while being investigated for colluding with this same nation to ‘hack’ our election process, and these same Republicans don’t say a single word.

Country must come before party, and America must come before our ego, Mr. Trump.  If you are a true American you would resign effective immediately!