Trump Calls National Security Adviser McMaster a ‘Pain’ and Says ‘He Talks Too Much’


Today National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster’s name has been trending in the media, likely much to his chagrin. After having to bare the brunt of the press in trying to explain away Trump’s disastrous actions of revealing classified information to the Russians within the Oval Office, more news broke this afternoon related to Trump’s dislike of the former general.

According to two advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity to the New York Times earlier today, President Trump’s true feelings about the man who replaced Michael Flynn, came to the surface. According to these sources, Trump has described McMaster as being a ‘pain,’ and has claimed that he ‘talks too much’. In Trump’s view, McMaster has apparently been chiming in too often during cabinet meeting, correcting the President, making sure he gets his facts straight. Apparently the President doesn’t like being corrected or told when he’s wrong.

The same advisers have also stated that, in general, they as well as others within the administration are worried about leaving Mr. Trump alone in meetings with foreign leaders and dignitaries, as he has a habit of mixing up facts, skewing details and apparently over-sharing information.  With an 8-day Middle East and European trip planned starting at the end of this week, the President’s advisers have been working overtime to prepare him for multiple meetings with various leaders.

It’s not unusual for advisers, particularly National Security Advisers to chime in often during meetings to fine tune the President’s understanding pertaining to particular topics.  After all, this is the primarily the job of any White House adviser, at least in past administrations.

We have reached out to the White House for further details on these reports, but they have yet to respond.