Putin’s Claimed Records of Trump/Lavrov Talks Turn Out to be Bogus


Either Vladimir Putin is an incredibly stupid man or he believes that the American people are such. After word spread that President Trump had shared classified intelligence with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Ambassador Kislyak, even some Republicans were jumping down Trump’s throat over what could become a huge national security problem.

With Israel said to be the source of the intelligence that Trump shared, this no longer is just an American security problem. It now reaches across the Atlantic and to the Middle East, just as Trump is set to head there for his “Three-religion tour”.

This morning news broke that Russian President Vladimir Putin was willing to share records of Trump’s talks with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak, if Congress wanted to review them. Immediately social media began buzzing that Putin had actual recordings of their conversation, but now that apparently is not an accurate assumption.

Moments ago, ABC News reported that the “records” that Putin has been referring to are merely written notes transcribing the talks that took place in the Oval Office, and not a recording.

Obviously if a recording existed, that would probably be enough to show that Trump didn’t provide classified information to the Russians (if he really didn’t), but a simple written transcript can easily be altered to reflect a completely different conversation than what actually took place. Because of this, it would be of no use to Congress to review these records, nor would I expect Congress to even consider working with Putin on this. Quite frankly these records are more than likely bogus — all part of the same Russian propaganda machine that attacked our democracy prior to the election.

These latest actions by Putin again make you wonder why the Russians feel so inclined to stand up for President Trump. After all, if no collusion exists between Trump’s administration and the Russian government, then why not simply stand back and let a thorough investigation take place to clear all those agents supposedly involved?