Republicans Start Flipping, Trump Stops Tweeting & Markets Start Crashing


This week has certainly not been a quiet one in the nation’s capital. In what is inarguably the worst week yet for President Trump and Republicans on the Hill, it almost seems as if the bubble is beginning to burst in more than one way.

Following revelations that President Trump had revealed highly classified information to Russian diplomats in last week’s Oval Office meeting set up by Putin, we learned yesterday that Trump had likely asked former FBI director James Comey to drop the Micahel Flynn investigation. According to an individual who was close to Comey, and had seen his memos related to conversations with Trump, the President had also asked the former director of the FBI to consider investigating journalists for reporting on information that had been leaked from within the White House itself.

After 117 days of Republicans blowing off just about every criticism of the President, it now appears as if reality may be setting in.  Jason Chaffetz, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is now demanding to see the alleged Comey memos. Meanwhile, Senator John McCain has invoked the word ‘Watergate’ in trying to describe the situation we are in at the present time, Republican Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma said that he “won’t defend anyone who obstructs justice,” and Republican Alaskan Senator, Lisa Murkowski has stated that “it’s time to consider a special prosecutor or independent commission to look into Russian election interference.” Numerous other Republican lawmakers are also seemingly realizing that an independent investigation may be necessary to restore public trust and get to the bottom of the whole Trump/Russia fiasco. Even more shocking may be a comment made by Republican Rep. Justin Amash from Michigan, who when asked if the reports about the Comey memo are true, and if would he support Impeachment, his response was “Yes.”

Meanwhile President Trump himself has been abnormally quiet about these allegations, failing to Tweet anything related to either the reported Flynn memo or the memo in which he asked Comey to basically squash the First Amendment.

The uncertainty in all of this, and the real possibility that impeachment may be an option, has sent markets tumbling. The Dow is down the most it has been in over 8 months, while the NASDAQ and S&P are also in free fall. As of our report, the Dow is down over 300 points, while the NASDAQ has fallen more than 130 points.