Madeleine Albright is Losing Sleep Over Donald Trump’s Scheduled Overseas Trip


Madeleine Albright is one of the more well respected women in politics. The 80-year-old former U.S. Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton has been respected by politicians from both sides of the aisle for decades. When she speaks, people usually listen, especially when it is about issues involving the United States’ relationship with other nations.

Appearing on CNN, she claimed that she is losing sleep over Donald Trump and his upcoming trip to Israel, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

“What keeps me up at night is that in fact, this president is not well-enough prepared to deal with the myriad issues that are out there, which are very complicated,” Albright told CNN. “I’ve never seen the world this complicated. There’s an awful lot happening, and we have a president who doesn’t seem to do his homework. I hope that there is not one single tweet about anything during the nine days that he’s gone.”

Trump’s Israeli meeting should be an interesting one, now that it has been reported that he has provided classified information, given to him by Israel, to the Russian government. Israel and Russian do not typically get along, and there are reports circulating that many individuals within the Israeli government are very angry over the recent events that occurred in the Oval Office.

Like Russia, but to a lesser extent, Saudi Arabia is another country that Trump seems to have some sort of affinity towards. This is the country where the 9/11 terrorists had come from, yet it’s one of the Arab nations that Trump conveniently left off of his travel ban list. Many assume that this is because of Trump’s many business dealings with the country, along with the fact that they provide us with so much oil.

This trip comes on the heels of Trump gradually losing respect in both the House and Senate by Democrats and Republicans alike. With the recent firing of James Comey, followed by the revelation that Comey has some telling memos from his meetings with Trump in his possession, the evidence is mounting that the Trump campaign’s connections with Russia are more than just conspiracy theories. Respect for Trump in other nations around the world is at a low point, perhaps lower than any president since Richard Nixon. The timing of this trip couldn’t come at a worst time for the president.

The NY Times is reporting that Trump has told some of his friends that he is not looking forward to his first overseas trip as president, and apparently he has tried to cut the length of the trip in half.  All we can do right now is cross our fingers and hope that our president doesn’t put our nation under the microscope at an even greater level by making more blunders on the international level.