CNN’s Van Jones Just Called Donald Trump “President Snowflake”


During all major political elections, the opposition usually calls each other names, they argue over pointless hearsay and even make up lies to try and smear the other candidate.  This past election, Trump supporters came up with a cute little name for Hillary supporters, with the likely intention of trying to belittle them.  “Snowflake” was the often-heard political insult targeted towards liberals who many conservatives felt got their feelings hurt too easily, were too soft on our enemies and had much too fragile egos.

While the phrase had been used as an insult for years, mainly directed towards liberal millennials who were coddled too much by mommy and daddy, it wasn’t until the 2016 Presidential election that the term took on a broader target; all liberals.

While liberals also had insults for Trump supporters and conservatives in general, nothing really took off as much as the term ‘snowflake’.  In fact it seemed that the best way to get under the skin of Trump supporters were to simply use the same term for them and their candidate.  As the election came to a conclusion and Trump took office, the term’s use never really died out, and to this day it’s still being used by both sides, although more so among the conservatives.

Well, last night on CNN, Van Jones, a known critic of President Trump, used the term to describe Trump himself.

“He was TrumpZillia, he was gonna make Washington bow down, he was gonna drain the swamp.  Now, he’s President Snowflake.  They are mean to me and they just don’t like me and I just don’t understand, and it’s just not fair,” Jones stated on ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ as he discussed how Trump was trying to stir up his base.

The comment is sure to get under many conservative Trump supporters’ skins this morning, and social media will likely eat it right up.