White House Staff Hosts Twitter Intervention for Trump As They Research ‘Impeachment’


If you haven’t already noticed that our 45th President is a tad bit careless when it comes to his Twitter use, then you likely never will. While many Trump supporters tell us that they love his tweets and that the messages are just our President ‘telling it as it is,’ most of his aides surrounding him within the White House believe it’s a major concern.

As leaks continue to pour out of the White House this weekend, we have been able to get quite an accurate picture of how those close to the President truly feel about recent events. Here’s a hint; they don’t like his Twitter use at all!

According to those close to the White House, speaking on the condition of anonymity, a group of influential aides have recently hosted what they called an intervention into the President’s Twitter use. The intervention, which occurred a few weeks ago after the fallout was fully known from Trump’s “Obama wiretap” Tweet, sought to warn the President that his short messages could “paint him into a corner” and compromise him both legally and politically.

Since the intervention, the President’s tweeting has not really slowed down, so it’s safe to assume he didn’t take the meeting too seriously.

Additional leaks coming from the White House shows concern over recent talks of impeachment as well. In fact, White House lawyers have already begun to extensively research impeachment and how such proceedings would play out should Congress choose such a route. According to anonymous sources, lawyers have been reaching out to impeachment experts for close to a week now. The White House has refuted such claims.

What’s even more concerning┬áthan a Twitter intervention and the possibility that the White House seems fairly concerned that Trump may actually be impeached, is the fact that there seems to be multiple leakers within the President’s own staff who leak information to the press on an almost-daily basis.