Trump Launches Survey Asking Americans Which Agencies to Axe – Have Your Say!


Approximately 9 weeks ago, President Trump signed an executive order which promised massive cuts to multiple government agencies. This included the National Park Service, Department of Health and Human Services, FDA, National Institutes of Health, among many other incredibly important government agencies protecting Americans and pushing important initiatives forward. Well, today the Trump White House has launched a public survey requesting input into which agencies should be reformed or axed completely.

“On March 13th, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order that will make the Federal government more efficient, effective, and accountable to you, the American people. This Executive Order directs the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to present the President with a plan that recommends ways to reorganize the executive branch and eliminate unnecessary agencies. President Trump wants to hear your ideas and suggestions on how the government can be better organized to work for the American people. Share your ideas below by June 12th,” reads the new webpage.

While it is true that our deficit needs to be reduced, axing key agencies, like the ones mentioned above, could not only hurt the environment, risk American lives and set science back many years, but the amount of money such cuts will save likely will be a drop in the bucket when compared to our rapidly expanding national debt.

This is your chance to have a say in this Executive Order. Let the Trump administration know why you don’t want specific agencies axed or reformed. Also if you agree with the President on such cuts, you may do the same. ┬áThe survey can be seen here.