Melania Does it Again! Rejects Donald Trump’s Hand For the Second Time in Two Days


If you recall just a day ago, First Lady Melania Trump sparked a viral storm after she refused to hold the hand of the President following her arrival in Tel Aviv, Israel. While rumors have been circulating that the President and First Lady’s marriage is on the rocks, there hadn’t been all too much evidence of such until yesterday’s episode.

Well, less than 36 hours after this initial rejection, Melania was at it again as the couple arrived in Rome as part of their first international trip as President and First Lady. This time, as the couple exited Air Force One, President Trump waved to reporters and onlookers before moving his right hand towards Melania’s left hand as he prepared to walk down the steps with her. Melania, in an obvious, yet slick move, quickly brought her hand up to her face and brushed her hair out of her eyes, clearly avoiding the attempted hand-grab by the President. The two then proceeded to walk down the aircraft’s stairs without touching one another.

The lack of affection between the two, along with the fact that Melania has been staying in New York City since the inauguration, does in fact suggest that problems between the couple may exist. With the rather disrespectful behavior that the President has exuded towards his wife in the past, namely the comments that Trump made to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush about grabbing women by the ‘p*ssy’, it’s hard to blame Melania for not having a warm and fuzzy feeling towards the President.

The behavior we have seen over the last two days also goes quite far in collaborating rumors that the couple had planned for a divorce during the campaign season, and then called it off after Donald Trump unexpectedly won.  Check out the video below: