It Takes Just 4 Minutes for Vicente Fox to Destroy President Trump


If you happen to follow the former Mexican President, Vicente Fox on Twitter, then you know that he doesn’t exactly like President Trump. He can often be found tweeting clever takedowns of Trump’s oftentimes ignorant tweets and has gained hundreds of thousands of American followers over the past five months alone.

Fox, who is clearly against many of Trump’s proposed policies, such as the wall, drew attention from the global media for famously stating “We’re not paying for the f**king wall!”

Now, in what many are calling an ‘Epic’ takedown of Trump’s presidency, Vicente Fox released a 4 minute and 22 second video explaining the “one underlying problem” with Trump’s presidency, saying that he’s doing it for all the wrong reasons.

The video, which can be viewed in its entirety below, mocks many of Trump’s insecurities while poking fun at the president in a variety of clever ways.

When discussing the whole inauguration crowd size fiasco, Fox pulls out an inauguration picture of Trump and explains, “This is you in the most solemn moment of your life, thinking about how big your crowd was, worrying that the last guy had a bigger one than you. Donald, his is much bigger!”

Fox then pulls out a piece of chocolate cake in an effort to “make it easier for the bees living in [Trump’s] brain.”

While the video is mostly humorous in nature, there was a main theme throughout it and that was to convince Trump to include all Americans in his decision making and forget about helping the millionaires an billionaires in favor of the poor, less well off individuals.

Fox concludes his video by stating, “And if at the end of the four years you walk into Mar-a-Lago and the entire place erupts into boos, there is a chance that you have been a good president; maybe even a great one. But if you walk in and the millionaires and the billionaires greet you with cheers, then you have failed your country, your name is mud and history will grind you beneath her heels.