Is Fox News About to Fire Sean Hannity After Advertisers Pull Out?


Just yesterday, published a list of advertisers who were sponsoring Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News. Less than 24 hours later, several major advertisers from this list have pulled their ads and sponsorships. Led by, the first company to suspend their advertising on Fox News’ Hannity, Casper, USAA, Crowne Plaza Hotels, and Peloton have followed suit. In total 7 companies have bailed on their sponsorship deals thus far.

Coincidentally, Sean Hannity has decided to take a vacation, one that he emphasized on Twitter to be his “ANNUAL” vacation. With Fox News making several moves over the past few weeks to sort of cleanse itself of various personalities, perhaps as they realize that their ratings continue to fall, many are speculating whether Hannity has aired his last show on the conservative run news station.

The controversy stemmed over Hannity’s conspiracy theory that DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered for leaking documents concerning the DNC to WikiLeaks. The theory stemmed merely from evidence that Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks, via email. No other factual evidence was there to back up such a ludicrous claim, and Rich’s family even served Fox News with a cease and desist order to stop them from spreading such claims.

With advertising revenue making up the vast majority of proceeds for the Hannity show, it won’t be surprising if Fox decides to terminate their contract with Hannity over both the conspiracy theory that the news station has said they don’t stand by, as well as the loss in advertising dollars caused by the controversy.

Social media is buzzing with individuals who have been disgusted by Hannity’s remarks concerning Seth Rich, and many individuals have been contacting advertisers, threatening a boycott of their products in order to encourage them to drop their ad deals. It will be interesting to see if these threats of boycotts end up costing Hannity his job. We should know more when Hannity is scheduled to return from vacation after Memorial day.