“Jared is so f**ked,” Says WH Staffer After Learning About Kushner FBI Investigation


Yesterday afternoon, it was reported by various media outlets that President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner was now under the FBI’s scrutiny as part of the Trump/Russia investigation. And while this does not mean that Kushner is a subject or target of the investigation, those within the White House seem to believe that Kushner likely has a tough road ahead of him.

“Jared is so f**ked,” explained one White House staffer on the condition of anonymity after learning about the FBI’s interest in him.

Of course, from an outsider’s perspective, this could very easily be a case of the FBI simply having¬†interest in Kushner’s side of the story and any relevant information that he may be able to provide. With that being said, Kushner did have a meeting in December with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and last year he met with a Russian banker, Sergey Gorkov.

While Kislyak is a known Russia spy, according to U.S. counterintelligence officials, it may be the Gorkov meeting that’s even more concerning to investigators. Gorkov happens to be chairman of VneshEconomBank, a Russian government-owned institution that has been under U.S. sanctions since mid 2014, while he also has close ties to Putin. VneshEconomBank claims that the December meeting between Gorkov and Kushner was with Kushner acting on the behalf of ‘Kushner Companies’, not as a representative of Trump. The White House, however, says the opposite. If Kushner was meeting on behalf of his family’s company, then he likely was breaking the law by dealing with a sanctioned foreign entity. If he was meeting as a representative of the Trump campaign, that seems even more alarming.

As leaks continue to pour out of the White House like Niagara Falls, the American public may actually know which direction this investigation is headed before the FBI or Congress decides for themselves.