Obama Likely Knew that Trump Was Colluding With Russia In December, Took Swift Action


Yesterday, both the Washington Post and Reuters released bombshell reports that President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser had been in communications with Russia prior to the election, trying to set up a back channel between the campaign and Russian Officials.

While these reports in themselves are damning to not only Kushner, but to the President himself, if one was to examine the timeline of alleged meets as well as actions taken by the Obama administration following revelations that Russia had been hacking the DNC, things get quite interesting.

Keep in mind that the meetings between Jared Kushner and Sergey Kislyak took place at Trump Tower on December 1 and/or 2. According to intercepted communications between Kisylak and his superiors in Moscow, Kisylak reportedly stated that Kushner had suggested that the campaign and Russian officials set up a back channel in order to stay off of the radar and bypass diplomats and intelligence agencies. The suggested method of communication by Kushner was through the use of Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States. It’s interesting to note that the former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn also was involved in this meeting when these suggestions were made.

Fast forward only about four weeks to December 29th. This was the day in which the Obama administration announced sweeping sanctions against Russia in retaliation to their meddling in the US elections. In addition to expelling 35 diplomats, and sanctioning 9 individuals/entities, the President also announced the closure of two Russian diplomatic compounds in the US.   Were these the facilities that Kushner and Flynn had suggested be used for their secret communications with the Russians?  It seems likely.

In a matter of 4 weeks, from the time the President was likely notified of the intercepted communications between Kushner, Flynn and the Russians, he appeared to have taken swift action to do everything in his power to make sure that such back channel communication could not take place. And while he had less than two months left in his presidency after being notified of such plans, he likely spent much of this time making sure that such conduct was documented to ensure that these treasonous actions would be discovered and investigated after he left office.