Independent Reporter is Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations to Help Cover Donald Trump & “REAL NEWS”


When we first launched Independent Reporter (, we did so in order to bring power back to everyday citizens, just like you and I. Whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, or not even a U.S citizen at all, the accuracy and the timely release of breaking news is so very important, not only to those looking for such news, but to the future of all democracies.

As the current administration here in the United States continues to belittle reporters, slander media organizations and perhaps even release fake news in order to discredit such organizations, we felt we must stand up, not just for all the news organizations, but for all people wishing to live in a free, democratic nation. is looking to hire partisan-free journalists with a proven track-record of unbiased, fair, and well researched material. We are also looking to integrate custom scripts within each article which would allow readers to help improve the accuracy of each article, while making sure that ‘Fake News” is non-existent.  Think of it as a fact-check for each article we publish.

We are looking to raise, over the longer term, enough capital to integrate such scripting language into our platform as well as increase the number of partisan-free journalists to cover news in a fair and unbiased fashion. Additionally we’d like to be able to cover our costs so that advertising can be removed from every page on our site.  We have turned to Bitcoin because of it’s ease of use, anonymity and potential of being an enabler of unimpeded democracies throughout the world. If you’d like to make a donation, please do so by spending to the following address: 32qx59RyVWEYLTLn4y8fxeF6REt9VpkezZ

When we initially sought to accept donations, we considered other options such as Paypal, Credit Card or other crypto currencies. In the end, we felt that in order to stick with our principles and to further incubate what we believe is true democracy, Bitcoin will be the only way we will ever accept such donations.

As we move forward over the next month or two, you should continue to see changes made to our site as well as new journalists and more exclusive stories. As always, if you have any information at all that you’d like to share, please do!