Bye-Bye Paris Climate Deal – Trump To Pull Out


Sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice a little to get a lot. For instance, sacrificing a minuscule amount of money in order to save the planet. When President Obama and nearly every other leader on the planet signed the Paris Climate Deal, environmentalists and those who actually give a crap about the future of our planet over the next 30-50 years, all cheered.  Meanwhile the oil companies, the GOP and those who likely don’t have children who will be around in 30 years, all sighed.

Well, it appears as if Big Oil and a decent portion of the Republican Party are about to win big, if you consider ‘winning big’  making lots of money at the expense of all future generations. It is now being reported, via several sources that President Trump has decided to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Deal. While nothing has been signed officially, CBS News is reporting that Trump has told fellow leaders that he will in fact pull the trigger and no longer back the deal. Additionally, Axios has just reported, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the decision, that Trump will pull out of the deal once he has decided if he will initiate a formal withdrawal, or simply exit the UN climate change treaty altogether. The former would take 3 years to fully go into effect while the latter would be much quicker and more extreme.

Once the move is official, the United States will join only Syria and Nicaragua as the only nations not supporting these initiatives.  While Trump has remained defiant when it comes to recognizing the perils of climate change, many within the Republican party seem to at least be shifting their views slightly to the left as the majority of Americans do believe that climate change is a concern.