James Comey Will Testify Publicly as Soon as Next Week on Conversations with Donald Trump


While the world has been waiting to hear what former FBI director James Comey has to say about his discussions with President Donald Trump, we may all get our wish very soon. According to Eric Lichtblau, a CNN Investigative Editor, he will testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and it we be held publicly.

Lichtblau’s sources tell him that Comey is “Ready and eager to discuss tense confrontations that we’ve heard about over the last few weeks, with the President, over the Russia investigation.”

The testimony could come as early as Wednesday, June 7th. Apparently Comey is not only ready to speak about his conversations with President Trump, but sources say that he is actually eager to do so. According to Lichtblau, Comey and Bob Mueller have been discussing the parameters that would govern what he can and can not say during his testimony, in order to not interfere with any ongoing criminal investigations with the public testimony.

“It’s unlikely that Comey will be willing to discuss the Russia investigation itself,” said Lichtclau to CNN. “He’ll stay away from that. But what we are hearing is that he is willing and Mueller is willing as well, to have him testify about these run-ins where the president allegedly told him to let go of the investigations for instance into Michale Flynn, where he wanted his loyalty to keep him on as FBI director — he is ready and prepare to talk about those intense confrontations.”

The Comey testimony could definitely change the way that both Republicans and Democrats think about Trump’s conduct with Russia prior to the election and after. It’ll be interesting to see what Comey has to say and equally interesting to hear Donald Trump defend himself on Twitter afterwards.