Report Claims Germany & UK View Trump as a Russian Ally & Enemy of NATO


It has long been known that President Trump is not a great supporter of NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and while he claims that his problems stem from an unfair share of expenditure from countries outside of America, it must go deeper than this, right?

Back in November, Newsweek writer, Kurt Eichenwald wrote an article discussing the reasons for which Vladimir Putin was backing Donald Trump’s campaign. In the article, Eichenwald touched on the point that several key officials from NATO countries believed that Russia’s election interference was put forth with one sole purpose; to destroy the NATO alliance.

At the time, the article seemed a bit mundane and just another theory of why Russia seemed so interested in helping Trump win the election. Now though, 7 months later, Eichenwald has provided some more up-to-date details. In a tweet thread this afternoon, Eichenwald wrote:

“Before the election, I spoke to a number of European officials/intel officers who laid out details of Trump links w/ Russia and efforts by Russia to interfere with election, w/ significant detail. I wrote a story laying it out, which was lost amid “but her emails! Key point, these officials said, was that they believed the entire interference effort and Trump connections was about destroying the NATO alliance. (BUT HER EMAILS!).

“I wrote: ‘for perhaps the first time since World War II, countries in Western Europe fear that the American election, should Trump win, could trigger events that imperil their national security and do potentially irreparable harm to the alliances that have kept the continent safe for decades.'”

“Among officials I spoke w/ were Germans & British (along with many more.) However, I am now told by same sources that both Germany and Britain are now certain they were right & are proceeding in their dealings as if the United States is aligned with the goals of Russia in terms of harming NATO security. That is why Merkel made her public go-it-alone comments. Britain, while quieter, is on the same page.”

“The NATO alliance has been perhaps irreparably damaged because they believe Americans have shown themselves too ignorant, too tribal, to hateful of each other, and to divided to care. We are easily manipulated by propaganda, whether generated from the inside or outside, whether on Facebook or through Russian attacks, to be considered a reliable ally. Ours is a broken democracy, broken through our certainty of the righteousness of our side of the political spectrum and the evil of the other. One of these conversations is what led to my rather negative tweet rant the other day about America being over. Europe considers us children – ignorant, naive, angry children. And we are.”

NATO was formed after World War II as a way to protect the world from the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union broke up, many former Soviet nations joined, and the alliance grew. Russia has never been accepted into NATO for obvious reason, and they view NATO an enemy to their potential success at becoming a world leader. Russia is inhibited by NATO, and many people believe that as Russia thrives so does Donald Trump, based on theories of business interests he and his family have in the country.

Vladimir Putin has one main desire. That is for NATO to fail and the the United States to no longer be allies with all of Western Europe. With the United States no longer siding with Western Europe, Russia would have an opportunity to create chaos in the region, which will ultimately benefit themselves.

Donald Trump is on the verge of literally creating enemies who have been loyal to the United States since World War II, in favor of becoming allies with Russia and the regime of Vladimir Putin.

This story seems to go hand in hand with another one we covered earlier this week, entitled “Germany’s Merkel Reportedly Has Incriminating Evidence on Trump, Takes Hard Stance”. Only time will decide if all of this makes sense, but one thing is for sure; America is losing the respect of the World, thanks in a large part to President Trump.