The Only Possible Reason Trump Secretly Tried to Remove Russian Sanctions


You may recall a few months back, after Buzzfeed published the now-infamous Trump/Russia dossier, that a key element of that dossier was that the Trump Administration would roll back sanctions on Russia in exchange for their help in the election, among other more nefarious things.  While many, even within the left-leaning media, refused to publish the documents which made up the dossier, leaks which have continued to stream out of both the intelligence community and the White House seem to corroborate much of the allegations within it.

Here we are, just 133 days into Trump’s presidency, and leaks coming from numerous diplomats suggest that the President of the United States did in fact try, without much luck, to roll back many of the sanctions that Obama had imposed following the realization that Russia did hack the 2016 election, along with sanctions placed on Russia for the 2014 annexation of Crimea.

Now a new report coming from Newsweek has shed even more light on what was really going on behind the scenes soon after Trump took office.

“There was serious consideration by the White House to unilaterally rescind the sanctions,” stated Dan Fried, who retired in February as Coordinator for Sanctions Policy at the State Department.

All this was taking place outside the public’s view and even the view of those on Capital Hill.  Fried said that there were “panicky” calls after numerous attempts to push such sanction relief through, from U.S. officials, asking “Please, my God, can’t you stop this?”

Ultimately Trump and his team were not able to convince various career diplomats in Washington to do as they wished and the sanctions still remain in place.

Now one has to ask themselves, “why in the world would the Trump administration go to such lengths to secretly ease sanctions of a hostile foreign government who meddled in our elections?”.  Why go behind the backs of not only the American people, but also Congress?  When one considers the allegations brought forth in the dossier, and combines them with the facts we know today, it was clear that Trump was in a hurry to do something he knew would be tremendously unpopular with Americans in general.

There is no rational explanation for doing what this administration tried to do, unless there is more to it than meets the eye.  Why would an incoming President, who clearly got help from Russia in the 2016 election want to now help Russia, unless Russia had unknown leverage over the administration?  Why give without taking?

This begs the question of, “What does Russia really have on Trump?”.